To:                   Faculty Senate

From:               Eric G. Andersen, Presiding Officer

Date:                April 9, 2003

Subject:            Report of Faculty Judicial Commission, 2002-2003 

            To date this academic year 2002-2003, the Faculty Judicial Commission has received two new cases.  One contests the denial of reappointment of a tenure-track faculty member.  The other, a “grievance,” falls within the scope of Faculty Dispute Procedures III 29.6.  “Grievance” is defined in III 29.1a(2) as a matter “in which a faculty member or a clinical faculty member may challenge the legitimacy of some administrative action or non-action (other than denial of tenure, promotion, or reappointment) that affects the faculty member.”  Both cases are currently pending. 

            There were no cases carried over from the previous year.  As noted in my Report of the Faculty Judicial Commission 2001-2002, two of the cases carried over from 2000-01 received full judicial panel review and, in both cases, the President accepted all of the faculty judicial panel’s findings and/or recommendations for sanctions and directed that they be implemented.  On August 1, 2002, I received notification from the Office of the Provost concerning the implementation/status of final decisions of faculty grievances, pursuant to Operations Manual III-29.4i.  All sanctions imposed, in both cases, have been implemented.