TO: Faculty Senate

FROM: Roberta M. Marvin, Chair, Council on Teaching

RE: 2002-2003 Report

DATE: April 9, 2003 

The Council on Teaching continued their important tasks this year, coordinating the competitions, reviewing the applications and nominations, and selecting the winners for their several award programs: Instructional Improvement Awards, Collegiate Teaching Awards, and Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards.  The Council also made nominations for CASE Awards and is participating in the awarding of the Presidentís Award for Technology Innovation. 

The Council implemented new quantitative and qualitative review procedures for the internal awards.  Above all, the Council has made recommendations for completing revamping the Collegiate Teaching Awards and anticipates that the new procedures will be in place in time for the 2003-04 academic year. 

The Council had to operate without two of its appointed members because of leaves and scheduling problems; it requests that the Senate not allow this to happen in the future so that the Council members do not have to take on additional responsibilities in lieu of a full complement of faculty and student members.  This year we had the benefit of having a graduate student member; we suggest that at least one student member always be a graduate student.