The University of Iowa

Report of the Faculty Welfare Committee

2002 - 2003

Members: Alice Atkinson, Glenn Maze, Ken Mobily, Wilfrid Nixon, Beth Pelton,
Christie Thomas, Ruth Wachtel

During the 2002-2003 school year the Faculty welfare committee:

        discussed the proposed research faculty track

        met with Joan Murrin of the Dual Career Network to discuss the services they offer

        met with Joni Troester, Director of UI Wellness, to discuss faculty interest in
wellness programs

        reviewed the report on faculty resignations that was submitted by the Provostís Office to the Board of Regents, discussed exit interviews with Keith Thayer of the Emeritus Faculty Council, and recommended that the faculty conducting the interviews write their own report identifying trends or themes in the data

        reviewed and discussed mass email policies; met with Lee Anna Clark to discuss current policies, including the Provostís Office policy on approval of requests that mass email notifications be sent to all faculty; and recommended that the Provostís Office policy be re-examined following the proposed creation of listservs that will allow individual faculty members to specify the level of information they want to receive in the form of emails

        discussed the report that Beth Pelton is writing to summarize the results of the quality of worklife survey conducted earlier

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth E. Wachtel, Chair
April 10, 2003