April 28, 2003

Governmental Relations Committee

2002-03 report

activities and initiatives

·         Sought to continue previous years' efforts to improve communication and increase opportunities for communication between faculty and various constituencies in the State—a long-term project.

o        Held joint meetings with Staff Council Governmental Relations Committee

o        Met whenever possible with Mark Braun and Derek Willard (Office of Governmental Relations) to keep abreast of developments in Des Moines and Washington D.C.

o        Co-sponsored a forum with the Johnson County legislators on Saturday, February 22nd and held follow-up lunch with legislators to discuss lobbying, outreach efforts, and the role of the University in the State

o         Worked with University Relations and Interim President Boyd in the development of an outreach message and "talking points"

o        Will continue to work with central administration on defining roles and strategies for faculty participation in outreach and governmental relations, and on encouraging awareness among faculty of University Relations and use of the Speakers Bureau

o        Met with President Skorton in late March to elaborate on his vision for outreach and governmental relations

o        Planned a faculty poster session/presentation on teaching, research, and service efforts to be held at the State Capitol in spring, 2003

Respectfully submitted

Downing A. Thomas

Chair, Governmental Relations Committee