Hancher Advisory Committee

Fiscal Year 2002-2003 Report

The Hancher Advisory Committee has experienced a successful year.  Members of the committee include five students, three staff members, three faculty members, one member of the Hancher Guild and the Hancher Executive Director and the Hancher Artistic Director.    To date there have been five meetings.  Attendance was excellent. 

The Committee began the year by setting several objectives:

The Committee…… 

·         One meeting was devoted to a backstage tour of Hancher Auditorium.  We talked about issues facing Hancher.  Of particular interest was time spent with the box office manager who explained the ticket management processes.

·         In December, the Committee attended a performance of Voice of the Dragon together and critiqued it at our next meeting.  This proved to be a learning experience for everyone.

·         In March, the Committee was invited to watch the “load-in” of Riverdance.  Hancher’s technical director explained the difficulties of bringing in a large show.  The Riverdance head carpenter told the group about their hectic schedule and difficulties of going from stage to stage.

·         One of the student members of the Committee, Sarah Mimick, participated in a masterclass with David Finkel and Wu Han (February 19 performance at Hancher Auditorium) that Hancher conducted for the School of Music.  Sarah told the Committee about the positive experiences in participating in the event.

·         Another student member of the Committee, Michelle Masoncup, will be performing as a Soldier on April 15 and 16 in the Stuttgart Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet at Hancher Auditorium.

·         Most recently, the Committee was given the schedule of the upcoming season events.  Everyone participated in a discussion of the new shows, commissions, fundraisers, dinners and collaborations.  It promises to be another great year. 

A lesson learned – it is important to emphasize at the beginning of the year that the information shared in the Committee meetings is very confidential.  In our excitement about what is happening at Hancher, we can sometimes forget. 

This has been an exceptional year for the Hancher Advisory Committee.  We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Sarah Jane Mimick        Co-Chair

Carol Senneff                Co-Chair