Recreational Services Committee

2002-03 Annual Report



      Michael Kelly

      John Westefeld

      Ellen Herman

      Harry Ostrander (Co-Chairman)


      Stuart Honn

      Blake Larson (Co-Chairman)

      Adrianne Holmes


      Wanda Schwartz

      Rod Lehnertz

      Jan Lawler


Meeting Days

      September 27, 2002

      November 15, 2002

      December 6, 2002

      February 14, 2003

      March 7, 2003

      April 4, 2003

      May 9, 2003



      The Recreational Service Committee is put together to discuss and make decisions on the various issues confronting the Recreational Department.  The range of issues varies from building new facilities to approving certain uses of those facilities for various groups, and assessing costs and fees for the creation and use of the facilities.  Much of the time is dedicated to discussing long term plans and what kind of facilities would be most beneficial to the university and its constituents.


      Melrose Parking Ramp

      Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Facility

      2003-04 fees for use of certain facilities

      Hawkeye Athletic/Recreation Project

      Programs at Macbride Nature Recreation Area

      University of Iowa Wellness Center Plans

      Reports on Lifetime Leisure skills classes