The Faculty Council/Senate recommends that the Provost make two modifications to the current "Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Decision-making at the University of Iowa" (modifications in italics): 

            Modify I.B.(3)e.ii. as follows: 

ii.  a list, preferably from most to least recent, of offices held in professional organizations; editorships of journals or other scholarly publications; service on review panels; service on departmental, collegiate, or university committees; departmental, collegiate, or university service positions; relevant community involvement; service to the State of Iowa, and other contributions; 

            Modify I.E.(3) as follows: 

(3) The peer evaluation of the candidate’s service will be contained in a report that analyzes the relevant materials in the Promotion Record, and will include a comparative analysis of the quality of the candidate’s service in the context of the expected service contributions in the department, college, University, community, the State of Iowa, and the profession.