Summary of Motions on the Subject of Athletics

University of Iowa Faculty Senate Meeting of

3 December 2003 

v      The discussion surrounding the various motions is summarized in the minutes of the meeting and can be found on pages 2-4, below.

v      The original motion

Ø      “With regard to the much-publicized Pierre Pierce assault case, the Faculty Senate would like to go on record as deploring the circumstances which have arisen in this case and to assert strongly that such is not the climate of safety and security we seek to provide for all our students, our colleagues, and our families in this community.  While the specific circumstances may need to remain obscure, we nonetheless believe as members of the Faculty Senate that better rules might be put in place to protect all members of our community.  We urge the University to investigate how this might be done.”

Ø      Suggested addition to the final sentence

§         [and]“will await with interest the report of the Committee.”

v      A replacement of the original resolution was offered

Ø      “The University of Iowa Faculty Senate strongly supports the charge of President Boyd to BiCOA to investigate the University policies and procedures in regard to the University’s involvement in the settlement of criminal charges against Pierre Pierce and to assure that they apply equally across the University.”

Ø      A friendly amendment added a final sentence

§         “The University of Iowa Faculty Senate looks forward to reviewing BiCOA’s report and its recommendations with its representative.”

v      A friendly replacement of the original and revised motions was offered

Ø      “The Faculty Senate endorses the charge given to BiCOA in President Boyd’s letter of November 6, 2002.”

v      Yet another motion was offered

Ø      “The University of Iowa Faculty Senate would like to go on record as strongly deploring the admitted assault and the manner in which this case was resolved.”

v      Prof. Kurtz then suggested that all motions under entertainment be tabled.  His motion was seconded and approved by voice vote of a majority of the Faculty Senators present.   

After discussion at the January 28, 2003 Faculty Council meeting, the following motion was passed: 

It was moved by Prof. LeBlond and seconded by Prof. Mangum that the Council respectfully request that, at a minimum, officers of the Faculty Senate be involved in addressing these committee reports and that to the extent possible, recognizing issues of privacy, such committee reports be made available for faculty discussion.   

The motion passed, with one abstention.