University of Iowa


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

3:30 p.m.

Lucas Dodge Room, 256 IMU


I.  Call to Order 

II.  Approvals 

A.  Minutes–Faculty Senate, December 3, 2002 (Attachment 1

III.  Reports 

A.     University Hospitals and Clinics Administration, Donna Katen-Bahensky

B.     Elections Committee, Julie Thatcher (Attachment 2)

C.     Faculty-Student Task Force on Undergraduate Arrest Rates, Judy Polumbaum

D.     Governmental Relations Committee, Downing Thomas

E.      Faculty Senate President, Jeff Cox 

IV.  New Business 

A.  Proposed changes to Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure, Lee Anna Clark (Attachment 3)

B.  Proposal for Faculty Senate/Staff Council Budget Committee, Paul Muhly

Proposal (Attachment 4a)

Memo from Paul Muhly (Attachment 4b)

C.  Athletic resolutions currently under consideration by the Faculty Senate (Attachment 5

            V. Announcements 

A.     Next Council and Senate meetings

B.     Committee Volunteer Recruitment, forms due February 14, 2003

C.     Chautauqua, IMU Main Lounge, February 26, 2003, doors open at 2:00 pm

D.     Michael J. Brody Award Nominations due February 28, 2003 

VI. From the floor 

VII. Adjournment