Thanksgiving Recess Proposal: Fact Sheet


Committee to investigate UISG's proposal:

Larry Lockwood (Calendar Preparation)

Jeff Cox (Faculty)

Kitty Buckwalter (Professional Schools)

Steve Hoch (Accreditation)

Maggie Van Oel (Housing)

Nick Herbold (Students)

Lola Lopes, Chair (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs)


Proposal: UISG has suggested that there be no classes on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, thereby creating a full week of break. This would be a recess for students, but University offices would remain open for business. The proposal is attached.


Current Calendar: At present, the UI calendar has 76 class days in the fall term and 74 class days in the spring. A week-long Thanksgiving recess would leave us with 74 class days in each term. Each term would have a one-week recess plus a Monday recess, Labor Day in the fall and Martin Luther King Day in the spring.


State Code: There is no requirement in Iowa State Code concerning class days for Regent Universities.


Other Regent Institutions: ISU currently provides a week of recess at Thanksgiving. UNI does not.


Collegiate Variability: There are already differences among colleges in calendars (e.g., different start and end dates).


Housing: Dormitories already stay open during Thanksgiving break. Food service is available.