UISG On-Line Survey on Thanksgiving Break

1.         Do you think classes should be canceled the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving break?

Choice             Votes               Approximate %
Yes                  3149                95% 
No                   172                  5%
Total:                3321


Since I have to fly home, it is not worth the money to travel home for only 3-4 days.

It seems pointless to have to wait around all weekend just to go to two days of classes before leaving for break

No new information was presented in the class during the week of Thanksgiving. The professors do not attempt to teach anything new because they know that the majority of their students will no be attending class during that time.

My ride was leaving earlier than my last class was going to take place so I had to leave with my ride and miss class.

It isn't fair that I have to show up for classes and approximately 3/4 of the class has already left town.  If that isn't enough, one Professor cancelled after I drove from Cedar Rapids, and didn't inform the class. Then Professor's usually go over the class that is missed because of the lack of students.

The days will just be made up during winter break, and Id rather have a long break where I can go on a trip than two short ones that limit opportunity. (It is not the case that the two days would need to be added anywhere -NH)

2.         How many classes did you have scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week?

Choice                         Votes               Approximate %
0                                  56                    2%
1                                  199                  6%
2                                  340                  10%
3                                  4821                15%
4                                  670                  20%
5                                  807                  24%
6                                  477                  14%
7                                  212                  6%
8                                  58                    2%
9                                  17                    1%
10                                3                      0%
Total:                            3321

3.         How many of your scheduled classes during Thanksgiving week were canceled?

Choice                         Votes               Approximate %
0                                  626                  19% 
1                                  845                  25%
2                                  787                  24%
3                                  568                  17%
4                                  309                  9%
5                                  113                  3%
6                                  43                    1%
7                                  10                    0%
8                                  10                    0%
9                                  4                      0%
10                                6                      0%

Total:                            3321

4.         Of those classes that were not canceled, I attended

Choice                         Votes               Approximate %
0                                  780                  23%
1                                  634                  19%
2                                  626                  19%
3                                  567                  17%
4                                  380                  11%
5                                  215                  6%
6                                  88                    3%
7                                  16                    0%
8                                  8                      0%
9                                  6                      0%
10                                1                      0%
Total:                            3321

5.         What year in school are you

Choice                         Votes               Approximate %
Freshman                     827                  25%
Sophomore                  881                  27%
Junior                           858                  26%
Senior                          643                  19%
Grad/PostGrad             112                  3%
Total:                            3321

6.         In which college are you enrolled?

Choice                         Votes               Approximate %
CLAS                          2292                69%

Business                       437                  13%
Nursing                        96                    3%
Education                     138                  4%
Engineering                   264                  8%
Pharmacy                     23                    1%
Grad/Professional         71                    2%
Total:                            3321

7. Why did you or why did you not attend classes during Thanksgiving break?

I did not attend my classes because I was able to turn in my work early and I went home for an entire week off.

I attended classes because I had an in class writing assignment in my spanish class, although I was very upset because spanish was the only class that I had which was not canceled, and while we asked for our teacher to push the in class writing assignment forward so we could take it on the previous friday he insisted that he could not do that, and told us we must be at class on tuesday so we could take it. While the whole class showed up for class on Tuesday morning our TA did not show up because he had left for vacation early. I attened the classes because there was a major assignment due, and I think that it was very disrespectful for our own TA not to show up.

I attended class to learn but that did not happen since my classmates did not attend, therefore the teacher having nothing to do.

Had to go!!

It seemed that the week had really wound down by Friday, as all major assignments and work were due that day or before. The next two days of school seemed superflous in the face of a possible 9 day break, and I didn't really miss anything by skipping those classes that weren't cancelled (only 2 were not).

I didn't attend one of my classes so I could go home and spend time with my family.

I attended them because if had I not been there I would have fallen behind the rest of the class. Also after being here two years, I know that some professors will give surprise quizzes to reward those students that do stay.

I did not attend classes when classes were not held, the classes were not officially canceled, but it was made clear that there would be no class.