University of Iowa


Tuesday, February 8, 2005

3:30 p.m.

Terrace Room, 166 IMU



I.       Call to Order


II.      Approvals: 

A.     Faculty Senate Minutes, November 30, 2004 (Attachment 1)

B.     Replacements from Committee on Committees:

        Richard Hichwa, Radiology, will replace Margaret Mills, Russian, on the Governmental Relations Committee (2004-05)

        John-Mark Stensvaag, Law, will fill a vacancy on the Council on Teaching (2004-07)


III.     Reports:


A.     Faculty Senate President, Katherine Tachau

B.     Faculty Senate Elections Committee (Attachment 2)


IV.              Unfinished Business: P&T Policy Revisions, Lee Anna Clark

Clinical Track Promotion Guidelines (Attachment 3a)

Promotion & Tenure Guidelines (Attachment 3b)


V.      New Business

A.     Revised Policy on Sexual Harassment, Charlotte Westerhaus (Attachment 4)

B.     Proposed P&S Position Announcement Requirement, Charlotte Westerhaus (Attachment 5)


VI.     From the floor


VII.    Announcement: Faculty Senate, March 8, 3:30-5:15, Terrace Room, 166 IMU


VIII.   Adjournment