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[All main 2003-2004 motions passed by the Faculty Senate are included in this summary except for those motions that were procedural in nature and that were superseded by subsequent motions or we motions to approve committee appointments and/or Faculty Council and Faculty Senate replacements. Council motions that were passed by the Faculty Senate in a similar form were also excluded.]


September 23, 2003 Senate Meeting:


MOTION: The faculty endorses the COIA Framework as a guideline for improving college athletics nation-wide, and urges our NCAA Faculty Representative to be directed to pursue these matters with the NCAA.


ACTION:  We are continuing to work with the COIA Framework.



MOTION: The Faculty Senate send the COIA Framework to BICOA and ask BICOA to review the Framework and comment by the end of the Fall Semester on which of the points in the Framework The University of Iowa conforms to, which BICOA supports, and which issues BICOA would consider problematic.


ACTION:  This was completed and reported in the fall. We are continuing to work with the COIA Framework.



October 21, 2003 Senate Meeting:


MOTION: The Faculty Senate endorses the Anti-harassment Policy subject to alterations to be brought by the General Counsel


ACTION: This policy is being revised at this meeting.



November 18, 2003 Senate Meeting:


MOTION: The University Faculty Senate sign the Hate Crime ad to be placed in the Daily Iowan and the Press Citizen


ACTION: The ad was placed.



February 10, 2004 Senate Meeting:


MOTION: Adopt a five-year term for membership in BICOA.


ACTION:  This has been instituted and the committee is now titled the President’s Committee on Athletics.



MOTION: The majority of members of BICOA be from departments that serve undergraduate teaching.


ACTION: This has been instituted. We need a replacement for the remainder of an unfinished term (1 year); please contact Prof. LeBlond if interested.



MOTION: To endorse the Task Force on Student Arrest Rates Final Report, and to forward the Task Force’s report on to President Skorton for discussion with the Faculty Senate Officers.


ACTION: This was forwarded to the President.



MOTION: To have the committee consider striking the phrase “close personal friendships” in Section 8.1b from the (Conflict of Interest) policy.





MOTION: To have the committee take under consideration the following points: (1) the addition of the phrase “reasonable person,” (2) specifying one office for keeping all files, (3) set standards for review, (4) a clarification as to when one should recuse one’s self, and (5) begin a new paragraph after the first sentence in the second paragraph in Section 8.1.





March 23, 2004 Senate Meeting:


MOTION: To adopt the (Decanal Review) policy and forward it to President Skorton for his consideration (subject to Amendments 1, 2, and 3).


 AMENDMENT 1: To amend the 4th sentence of paragraph II-28.5.g(4) to insert the words “mean, standard deviation, median, and specific distribution” after the words “aggregate responses.”


AMENDMENT 2: To amend paragraph II-28.5.f.3b(iv) to replace the required questionnaire statement “The dean is an effective and fair administrator” with the statement: Overall, the dean is effective.


AMENDMENT 3: To include the following language as Section g under Section 28.2: “The dean of the college shall have no significant role in the selection of the members of any committee that has the responsibility to assess the performance of the dean.”






            i) The Faculty Senate recommends that the President place a moratorium on the expansion of existing bonus or salary cut plans or the adoption of new plans by the administration,

            ii) The Faculty Senate will appoint a committee to assess the propriety of bonus or salary cut programs for The University of Iowa in general, and to recommend guidelines for such programs if the administration should introduce them, and

            iii) The Faculty Senate will charge its Faculty Welfare Committee or some other committee appointed for this purpose, to conduct an independent evaluation of the success of the COM pilot program, with full access to the information on the medical school that is required to assess fully both the benefits and drawbacks of the program.”


ACTION: The moratorium is in place. The committee to review these programs is being constituted by Prof. Tachau and Provost Hogan.



April 27, 2004 Senate Meeting


MOTION: To adopt the Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure document. 


ACTION: Accepted.



MOTION: To get the two drafting committees (Tenure Track Promotion and Tenure and Clinical Track Promotion) together and work with the Faculty Senate Officers this summer to determine if there are any commonalities that can be included in both documents. The work of these groups is to be brought before the Faculty Council next Fall semester for approval. 


ACTION:  This has been done and the policies are compatible.



MOTION: To approve the six recommendations made by the Committee to Review Committees, and to take all necessary action to implement the recommendations. 


ACTION: This is a work in progress. The committee reports will be in the fall Prof. LeBlond will be working with the committee chairs to improve communication and interaction of the committees with the Council and Senate.