Special Combined Meeting of the University of Iowa

Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government

January 30, 2006

Terrace Room, 166 IMU

3:30-5:00 pm




I.          Introduction, Richard LeBlond


II.         Convene the Legislative Bodies


A. Faculty Senate, Richard LeBlond, President

B. Staff Council, Michelle Wichman, President

C. Student Government, Mark Kresowik, President


III.       Approval of the Agenda, Richard LeBlond


IV.       Reports


A. Procedures and Rules of Order, LeBlond, Wichman, Kresowik

B. Background on UI Presidential Searches, Jonathan Carlson


V.                   New Business


                                               A.      Faculty Senate Resolution   , Sheldon Kurtz (Attachment 1)

                                               B.      Staff Council Resolution, Mary Greer (Attachment 2)

                                               C.      Advice and Counsel for Governance Leaders


VI.       Adjourn