University of Iowa


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

3:30 p.m.

Terrace Room, 166 IMU



I.††††††††† Call to Order


II.†††††††† Approvals


A.††† Agenda

B.††† Faculty Senate Minutes, October 18, 2005 (Attachment 1)

C.†† Committee on Committees, Sheldon Kurtz

   Diversity Committee: Nicole Nisly, Internal Medicine (2005-07)

   Diversity Committee: 1 Vacancy (2005-08 replacing Salome Raheim)

   Financial Aid Advisory Committee: 1 Vacancy (2005-06 replacing Suely Oliveira)


III.†††††† Reports


A.     Faculty Senate President, Richard LeBlond

1. Board of Regents Meeting, November 2-3

2. CIC Faculty Leadership Meeting, November 4-5

3. Tenure Clock Task Force, Call for Nominations

4. Search Committee for the Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Call for Nominations

5. Proposal for Shared Governance Task Force

6. Gubernatorial and Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

7. Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Workforce Report (Cover Letter and Overview)

8. Provostís Guidelines for 2005-6 Faculty Salary Adjustments (

B.†† Iowa Engagement Corps Grant (Roadís Scholars), Downing Thomas

C. Health and Wellness Project, Laura Reed & Joni Troester


IV.              New Business


A.UI Libraries Resolution, Thomas Charlton (Attachment 2)

B.Council on Teaching Revision to Charter, Mark Young (Attachment 3)


V.††††††† From the floor


VI. ††††† Announcements


A.     Faculty Senate, February 7, W151 PBB *Note room change

B.Legislative Reception, December 8, 4:30-6:00, Museum of Art


VII.††††† Adjournment