Jennifer Glass


Thank you for nominating me to serve as secretary of the Faculty Senate.I came to the University of Iowa in 1994 and have grown quite attached in the ensuing years to the open spirit of faculty consultation and governance that characterizes our university.This is something to cherish that not all universities offer.I would like to help preserve that spirit of openness as we face the coming challenges of searching for a new President and handling inconsistent state support.


I am currently a Professor of Sociology and Womenís Studies, with a courtesy appointment in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health.I chaired the Department of Sociology from 1998-2003, and have served on the College of Liberal Arts Executive Committee and Promotion and Tenure Committee, as well as the Graduate Council.Most recently, I chaired the Presidentís Campus Climate Committee and served on the Provostís Gender Equity Committee.And, of course, I have served on the Faculty Senate for the past two years.