Steve McGuire


It is a privilege and an honor to be nominated for Secretary of the Faculty Senate.  Being part of Faculty Senate leadership in this historical moment means pursuing with faculty, students and staff thinking freshly about self-governance.  Our obligation to the State of Iowa is to be consistent in the pursuit of a vital research environment, which nurtures an independence of thought and achieves quality teaching and scholarship. I fully appreciate that entrepreneurial pressure for the University of Iowa is a reality not to be feared, but an invitation that inevitably requires of faculty a dual disposition of creativity and proper focused attention to our core activities of research and teaching.


I appreciate that one of the privileges of being a faculty member is being able to contribute university and college-wide service.  This is a sensibility I have learned from working in shared governance with many faculty colleagues.  This is also an institutional value that requires determined nurturing.


Service: Studio Division Coordinator School of Art & Art History (1996-Present); Faculty Advisory Committee, College of Education (1996-99); Graduate Council (1996‑99 and 2002-05); Search Committee, Dean, College of Education (1998); Art Building Planning Committee (1999-Present); Search Committee, Associate Provost, Dean, Graduate College (2001); Council on Teaching (2001-04); Provost Search Committee (2003/04); Academic Technology Advisory Council (2003-06); University of Iowa Faculty Senate and Faculty Council (2004-07); President, Seminar for Research in Art Education, research arm of the National Art Education Association (2005-07).