Proposed Faculty Senate Resolution Expressing Appreciation to David Skorton


The Faculty of The University of Iowa expresses its strong endorsement of, and appreciation to, its President, David Skorton, for all of his continuing efforts to sustain and advance the quality of this University in the face of difficult challenges.  We further applaud his ongoing commitment to improving the lives of all Iowans.


            Serving as President of Iowa’s most comprehensive University--the largest and most financially complicated institution in this State--is a difficult task.  The Faculty recognizes how fortunate Iowans and the University are to have a President who undertakes that position with intelligence, sensitivity, a good element of common sense, and, when needed, humor.  He is a principled leader who shares the values that Iowans hold dear and who exhibits the highest standards of personal integrity.


             Demonstrating wise and inclusive leadership, President Skorton has steered the University through multiple budgetary crises.  Most recently, he vigorously represented the University in an effort to spare its health science units from debilitating budgetary shortfalls.  He has consistently shown strong support financially and otherwise for the arts and humanities at the University.  He also has largely been responsible for the substantial increase in the University’s endowment.  In addition, both by his words and personal deeds President Skorton has reached out to our state and its citizens. 


            We trust that in the near future the national recognition he has helped bring to Iowa and the University through his inspired and skillful leadership and actions as a spokesman for the University will be fully recognized by all of the people of Iowa.