The University of Iowa


Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Penn State Room, Iowa Memorial Union 337

Members Present: Steven Aquilino, Vicki Grassian, Chuck Lynch, David Manderscheid, Ann Marie McCarthy, Gary Milavitz, John Moyers, Paul Muhly, Gene Parkin, Morton Pincus, Margaret Raymond

Members Excused: Jeff Cox, Caroline Carney Doebbeling, Lois Geist, Jean Jew, Debora Liddell, Craig Porter

Faculty Senate Officers in Attendance: Carolyn Colvin, President; Amitava Bhattacharjee, Vice President; Teresa Mangum, Secretary; Jonathan Carlson, Ex-Officio President

Guests: Polly Brotherton (parent of student), Lee Anna Clark (Provost’s Office), Bob Foldesi (Human Resources), Jane Holland (Family Services/Worklife), Sara Langenberg (Press-Citizen), John Long (Emeritus Council), Lola Lopes (Provost’s Office), Joan Rinner (Faculty and Staff Services), Peter Rugg (Daily Iowan), Les Sims (Provost’s Office), Chris Squier (APHS), Jon Whitmore (Provost’s Office), Joyce Crawford (Office of the Provost, Secretary to Faculty Senate)

  1. Call to Order

President Colvin called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m.

  1. Approvals
    1. Meeting Agenda

Prof. Lynch moved and Prof. Muhly seconded the following motion:

Motion: The Faculty Council accepts the Agenda. The motion carried.

Prof. Carlson moved and Prof. Muhly seconded the following motion:

Motion: The order of the Agenda will be changed so that discussion of new business will begin with the Smoking Policy. The motion carried.

    1. Minutes

The corrected minutes were approved by consensus.

C.  Committee Replacements

Prof. Muhly moved and Prof. Manderscheid seconded the following:

Motion: The Faculty Council approves the following appointments to the Faculty Judicial Commission, as recommended by the Committee on Committees and the Faculty Council. The motion carried.

Forrest M. Holly (Professor—Civil-Engineering), as mediator

Lynn Pringle (Assistant Professor/Clinical—Accounting), as panelist

  1. Announcements

A. President Colvin noted that The Department of Resident Services has put together a brochure, "Faculty Involvement Opportunities in the IU Residence Halls." She encouraged interested faculty to participate in the activities outlined in the brochure.

B. President Colvin and Prof. Mangum attended Governor Vilsack’s November 27 panel soliciting citizen input regarding his objectives for all levels of education in the state of Iowa. The meeting was held at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids. At your request, Joyce Crawford can provide copies of the brochure outlining the Governor’s education initiatives.

C. President Colvin thanked all those who attended the reception for the President of the Board of Regents, Owen Newlin.

D. Following his earlier presentation about the on-line publishing company Elsevier, Prof. Ed Shreeves sent word that Elsevier has acquired Harcourt Brace. Research librarians have asked the Justice Department to review the legality of this purchase and the possible monopoly that may result.

E. President Colvin cancelled the December 12 meeting of the Council. The next meeting will be held January 23, 2001.

  1. New Business

A. U of I Smoking Policy –Lee Anna Clark, Associate Provost for Faculty

President Colvin began by noting that she had received three phone calls this morning after the Press Citizen reported that the Council would be discussing the UI policy on smoking. All three callers wished for more stringent rules governing smoking. Also, recently, a faculty member registered a complaint against the artistic policy allowing actors to smoke on stage in Theatre Department performances if smoking is part of the stage business called for by a particular play.

Associate Provost Lee Anna Clark then explained that the smoking policy was put on the agenda because she too has had several calls in the past year, usually complaints that faculty members were smoking in their offices and thus violating the existing policy. In response, she contacted individual DEOs and in some cases had to ask a Dean to follow up before the problem was resolved. In one incident, a faculty member complained about the wall of smoke that formed at the doorway to a building when a group of smokers collected. Associate Provost Clark asked Facilities Planning whether certain doorways could be designated for smoking or non smoking. However, that office was unwilling to take action without a governing policy. Prof. Lynch noted that the hospital requires smokers to stand 30 feet from doorways. Ironically, President Colvin noted that two of the calls she received were complaints about the front entrance of the hospital. Similar complaints have been made about the doorway at Oakdale.

Councilors discussed various solutions that have been or might be tried. One building provides distant gazebos for smokers. However, Prof. Moyers said he would rather the University allot money to cessation programs than spend money to build structures. Prof. Manderscheid noted that in his area buildings are very close together so that space would not be available for a distant smoking area. Therefore, any new policies would need to be tailored to individual buildings. President Colvin pointed out that we need to know what group on campus has the authority to make these decisions.

President Colvin then introduced a guest who wished to speak on this issue. Polly Brotherton is an art teacher in the Iowa City schools, and both she and her daughter are currently full-time students. Her daughter lives in Currier dorm with two roommates. The students cannot open their window because smokers stand at a door outside their window and smoke heavily. Ms. Brotherton has complained to various offices on campus on their behalf, but the only reply she gets is that the office cannot intervene without a policy. (She brought photographs which supported of description of the problem.) One councilor suggested that the 30- foot rule be imposed immediately.

President Colvin then asked Council members’ permission to establish a committee of faculty, staff, and students to review the smoking policy. Bob Foldesi of Human Resources supported the suggestion, noting that to impose a general rule might violate union policies. The committee could review both the smoking policy and the artistic license issue. Prof. Carlson recommended that we provide guidance to this committee. For example, Council members generally seemed supportive of further restrictions, but a consensus also exists that restrictions would need to vary to meet the needs of individual locations. Ultimately, Council members agree that President Colvin would discuss smoking issues with Staff Council and Student Government leadership and then report back in January.

B. Report on Family Services Office (UI WorkLife Program)—presented by Jane Holland, UI Family Services Coordinator

Jane Holland is the coordinator of UI Family Services, an office which is part of a coalition called WorkLife. Accompanied by Joan Rinner of Faculty and Staff Services, Ms. Holland acquainted Council members with the services comprising WorkLife. She would also be happy to share brochures describing each program under the umbrella of WorkLife in response to individual requests. Ms. Holland reviewed several of the programs for the Council.

The Dual Career network helps spouses or partners of University of Iowa employees to find jobs in this area. (Accompanying spouses who seek academic appointments on our campus are referred to Associate Provost Lee Anna Clark.)

Ms. Holland encouraged faculty members to use her office as a recruitment tool and as a welcoming environment for an accompanying spouse. UI Staff Development is another WorkLife office. The program has two components: professional development efforts like courses in computer or management skills and personal finance education, such as TIAA-CREF workshops. Ms. Holland also noted the UI Wellness Program, which develops plans to improve health. Representatives will visit individual units or departments to offer workshops on particular issues.

The Family Services Office, which Ms. Holland coordinates, sponsors programs and services responsive to individual and family needs. Family Services is launching a housing relocation program, in collaboration with the Provost’s Office. A website lists housing services and options in the area, and a bulletin board is available for faculty and staff members who wish to rent their homes on a short-term basis. Ms. Holland also welcomes job candidates and new hires to contact her for information about schools, cost of living, and so forth. In addition, elder care resource and referral is being piloted this year to provide information about caregiving facilities here and across the country, financial assistance options, and legal issues of concern to older people or family members caring for older people. On behalf of employees with small children, Family Services has overseen the installation of lactation rooms in buildings on campus. This office also acts as a liaison to local childcare facilities.

Joan Rinner assists employees with personal work-related problems. The four most common calls she receives address emotional concerns, job stress, parent/child tensions, and marriage and family issues.

President Colvin thanked the visitors for their informative report.

For further information, see the Family Services website at or

C. U of I public relations presentation – Jon Whitmore, Provost

Provost Whitmore demonstrated a series of slides and transparencies describing the University of Iowa that are now available for the use of faculty and staff members. This collection offers detailed information about many facets of the University and could be a helpful visual aid for anyone offering, for example, recruiting or informational sessions about the University of Iowa. For information, contact Derek Willard at the office of Government Relations.

V. Adjournment

Motion: Prof. Carlson made a motion to adjourn and Prof. Parkin seconded. The motion carried.

President Colvin adjourned the meeting at 4:45 p.m.

Next Council meeting: December 12, 2000 – Penn State Room (#337)