Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Room 335, Iowa Memorial Union 

Members Present:    A. Bhattacharjee, J. Carlson, K. Clark, C. Colvin, J. Cox, R. Curto, L. Geist, V. Grassian, J. Jew, D. Manderscheid, G. Milavetz, G. Parkin, M. Stone,  B. Wiley 

Members Absent:  C. Carney-Doebbeling, J.Kline, D. Liddell,  P. Pomrehn 

Members Absent (excused): S. Aquilino, M. Pincus 

Guests: C. Tebockhorst (Senate Staff Secretary), J. McCurtis (I.C. Press-Citizen) 

I.    The meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM 

II.    Old Business

      At its October 12, 1999 meeting, the Council began discussion of a proposed resolution concerning the International Writing Program to present to the Faculty Senate at a special meeting called for October 26, 1999. A special meeting of the Council was called today to continue this discussion and attempt to agree on the contents of a draft resolution that could be forwarded to the Senate for its consideration. A revised version of previous drafts of the resolution was distributed along with a copy of the “Task Force Report on the Future of the University of Iowa International Writing Program.” A motion to approve the resolution was made (Professor Colvin) and seconded (Professor Wiley). Substantial discussion followed regarding recommendations for the administrative organization of the IWP; mechanisms  to ensure and enhance the IWP’s future fiscal stability and health; the need for faculty consultation in matters of reallocations of funds and staff from University programs; and the need to urge all members of the University community to refrain from personal invective and to encourage civil discourse. Revisions and recommendations were incorporated into the resolution document. The final draft of the resolution prepared by the Faculty Council for consideration by the Faculty Senate is as follows: 

Proposed Senate Resolution 

Whereas, the International Writing Program (IWP) has been a valuable asset to

the University of Iowa for over thirty years, has brought international

attention to the University and enhanced its reputation around the world, has

contributed to a culture of respect for and celebration of writing excellence,

and has the respect and admiration of members of the faculty at the University,



Whereas, the Task Force on the Future of The University of Iowa IWP has

provided an informative report containing many useful options regarding the

future of the IWP, particularly with respect to administration and staffing,

creation of a local advisory group, size and duration of the program, and


Now, therefore, be it resolved by the University of Iowa Faculty Senate 

·         that the Senate affirms that the IWP is an important and distinctive asset to the University; and


·         that the Senate believes that the IWP should continue to be conducted as a residential program for writers from foreign countries to visit the University of Iowa for extended periods of time primarily as writers-in-residence; and


·         that the Senate endorses the Task Force Report and calls on the University administration to place administrative oversight for IWP in the Office of the Vice President for Research, to appoint an interim Director without delay, and to charge her or him to set up a local advisory committee and to develop a specific plan for the fiscal, academic, and administrative future of the IWP; and


·         that it is the sense of the Senate that a Director with a permanent faculty appointment should be in charge of all aspects of the IWP; and


·         that the Senate urges that the accumulated deficit of the IWP  not be allowed to endanger the future health of the program and that the IWP be included in the capital campaign; and


·         that the Senate, recognizing that there are many competing uses for scarce University resources, encourages administrators at all levels to engage in the fullest possible consultation with appropriate members of the faculty before engaging in fundamental reallocations of funds and staff from University programs; and


·         that the Senate deplores the personal invective employed by some to express themselves regarding the IWP and encourages members of the community to engage in open and honest dialogue concerning this and other topics. 

      The motion to approve the resolution passed unanimously.

      President Carlson indicated that he will forward the resolution by e-mail to Faculty Senate members prior to the October 26 meeting and that hardcopies will be distributed at the meeting.

III.   A motion to adjourn passed and the meeting ended at 5:00 PM.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Jean Jew, Secretary