Annual Report to the Faculty Senate

Committee on Faculty Policies and Compensation

Year:  2004-2005


Committee Chair(s):  Kathleen Clark

Committee Members:  Edward Dove, Katherine Gerken, Alice Atkinson, Bernard Fallon, Julie Andsager, Victor Camillo, Ruth Wachtel, Carolyn Wanat


Committee Charge: The committee received two specific charges:  Revise the Emertius Status for Retirees policy (11.7), review and revise the Peer Review of Tenured Full Professors (10.7)


Meeting Dates:  2/10/05; 3/23/05; 4/27/05


February 10, 2005

Present: Kathy Clark, Ruth Wachtel, Ed Dove, Katherine Gerken, Victor Camillo


Kathy Clark communicated the request from Faculty Senate that the committee reconsider the University of Iowa policy on the Peer Review of Tenured Full Professors.  This request was made in response to input to the Senate by the local AAUP Chapter.



There was a lengthy discussion centered on the purpose of the Peer Review of Tenured Full Professors, (developmental v. salary or effort allocation), the inconsistent implementation across and within Colleges, whether Associate Professors should be included in the collegiate review policies; the relation between post tenure review and other reviews.  There was also concern that Collegiate policies may be not be implemented as written.


Ed Dove and Kathy Clark will draft a revised policy to reflect the fact that it is review is formative and will examine collegiate reviews for consistencies within this policy.  The committee as a whole will review current collegiate policies.  The evaluation of this policy will continue at the March meeting.


Emeritus Status for Retirees.  The committee was charged with reviewing the Emeritus policy for Retirees.  This discussion was postponed until the next meeting.


The Emeritus Status for Retirees policy was revised and sent to Faculty Council for approval.


The Peer Review of Tenured Full Professor policy was reviewed and a revised policy drafted.  This was informally discussed with Katherine Tachau, President of Faculty Senate.  Suggestions were made.  The committee will discuss these suggestions Fall 2005.


March 23, 2005

Present: Kathy Clark (chair) Ed Dove, Katherine Gerken, Alice Atkinson, Bernard Fallon


Agenda item:   Emeritus Status for Retirees.


Discussion:   The committee discussed the revised policy regarding emeritus status for retirees (11.7).  The revised policy would provide for the conferral of emeritus status for research scientists and research engineers.  The committee had the following concerns: 

1.      The policy would open up emeritus status for all staff,

2.      The provision for potentially according emeriti status for faculty and staff who left the university for “other than honorable reasons was inappropriate.

3.      Allowing the Vice president for Finance and Operations, a non academic officer to award emeritus status to deans was inappropriate

4.       There should be a mechanism for grieving cases in which the faculty felt that denial of emeritus status was unfair.


Action:  Kathy Clark will write a letter to the president of Faculty Senate, stating our concerns and requesting that Faculty Council discuss the revised policy with respect to our concerns.


Agenda item:  Peer Review of Tenured Full Professors

A draft of a revised Peer Review of Tenured Full Professors was brought forward for discussion.    There was continued discussion as to the overall purpose of the policy (developmental v evaluative), the level of detail to be included with respect to the process of evaluation and whether the policy should be directed only toward full professors rather than all tenured faculty. 


Copies of existing post-tenure review policies were distributed among committee members for evaluation.


Action:  Each committee member will bring recommended changes to the draft revision and comments regarding current collegiate policies to the April meeting.


April 27, 2005

Present: Kathy Clark (chair) Ed Dove, Katherine Gerken, Alice Atkinson, Victor Camillo and Julie Andsager.


Agenda item:   Emeritus Status for Retirees


The emeritus policy for retirees was sent to Faculty Council, revised and approved by the Policy and Compensation Committee via email.  It was forwarded to faculty senate and approved at the April 26, 05 meeting.


Agenda item:  Peer Review of Tenured Professors


The committee discussed, revised an approved the Peer Review of Tenured Full Professors policy.  The committee recommends that the individual colleges and departments be requested to review their collegiate and departmental policies and revised them as needed to be in compliance with the new policy.  The committee recommends that faculty senate designate a specific date for compliance with the revised peer review policy


Action:  Kathy Clark will forward the revised policy allow with the recommendations as to timeline for implementing these changes.


The next meeting will be Fall 05, date, time and location TBA