Annual Report to the Faculty Senate



Committee Chair: Cindy Phillips   

Committee Members:  Faculty:  Richard Dehn Physicians assistant Program and Palle Jorgensen - Mathematics

Staff:  Shawn Flanagan Radiation Research Lab Cindy Phillips Library Administration Grace Newby College of Law


Committee Charge:  To read or listen to all staff appeals that the parking department deems necessary for us to rule on.  The parking department handles most hang tag and vehicle tag problems without them coming to the appeals committee.  The rulings are to be done in a fair and equitable manner with special consideration to staff and patient needs to the same parking areas.


Meeting Dates:  This committee meets every third Tuesday at 1:00 3:00 in the UIHC Ramp II parking office conference room.


Activities:  This past year there was 2159 appeals made. 565 were upheld, 1444 were suspended (this includes the hang tag and vehicle tag problems handled by the parking office and not the committee), 20 were modified, 130 were dismissed.


Final Conclusions:  This committee will continue to fairly judge each appeal until all faculty and staff comply with the parking regulation of the University of Iowa and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.


Recommendations to the Senate:  We would like to encourage faculty and staff to volunteer for this committee so they could better understand why they may need to pay a ticket that they feel should have been dismissed.  We really do try to protect the rights of all to parking.