Annual Report to the Faculty Senate

Family Issues Charter Committee



Committee Chair: Heidi McLaughlin

Committee Members: Faculty-Art Bettis (on leave spring ’06), Tom Branson, Nancy                                                   Bonthius

                                    Staff-Duncan Stewart, Viki Mueller, Kristy Johnson (resigned in                                      March), Kelly Bedeian (filled Kristy’s unexpired term)

                                    Students-Colleen MacRae, Dana LoTempio, Kenton Liu


Administrative Liaisons and Ex-Officio Members: Susan Johnson, Laura Reed, Jane Holland


Meeting Dates:  9/15, 10/20, 11/17, 12/15, 3/3, 3/23, 4/20, 5/18 (noon-1                                                  p.m. in 111 JH)




Ř      Marc Mills updated committee on status of parental leave lawsuit pending with UI in October.

Ř      Reviewed proposal by Alice’s Rainbow Board of Directors regarding recommendations for the Alice’s site on Melrose Ave. which is currently closed due to pest control problems.  Submitted response to proposal in writing November ’05, and met with board March ’06 to clarify their recommendations and determine current status. 

Ř      Chair McLaughlin participated in a March focus group by invitation from Jane Holland, Family Services Coordinator.  Discussion focused on staff childcare concerns across campus.

Ř      Met with childcare committee (formed by central HR) in April and answered their questions concerning problems and solutions we see regarding childcare concerns on campus.

Ř      Provided feedback to Jane Holland in January (special meeting) on the childcare survey she distributed in spring ’06.

Ř      Submitted recommendation letter to Interim President Fethke concerning childcare on UI campus.

Ř      Submitted Family Issues Charter Committee bio. to Staff Council to be used for future charter committee descriptions on President’s webpage.

Ř      Research ongoing to determine what UI and other state schools are doing in regards to promoting family friendly programs and events.


Final Conclusions:  Student attendance was very low, with only one student member attending more than 3 meetings.  Suggestion made at one meeting to target graduate student population due to possible dual family issues: parental and elder care.  Throughout the year, the Alice’s proposal spurred much discussion about the issue of on-campus childcare.  Topics identified for future discussion include reviewing methods to identify student-parents, review of parental leave policies, flex credits.