Annual Report to the Faculty Senate

Financial Aid Advisory Committee




Committee Chair(s): Student Chair: Bridget Henry (reporting)

Faculty Chair: Sue O’Dorisio


Committee Members: Students: Bridget Henry, Kevin Andersen, Angela Meers, Shannon Thomas

                                    Faculty: Jay Christensen-Szlanski, Keri Hornbuckle, Sue O’Dorisio, Horace Porter, Mark


                                    Staff: Jeanne Meyer, Kimberly Sherwood

                                    Administration: Lola Lopes, Phillip Jones, Mark Warner


Committee Charge: Review and make recommendations to the President regarding all forms of student financial aid.  Assist the Office of Student Financial Aid or other University office administering financial aid in communicating all financial aid policies to the University community.


Meeting Dates: Traditionally, the FAAC meets 6 times per academic year.  This year the committee met 5 times.  In addition to the group meetings, there were several meetings including Mark Warner, Sue O’Dorisio, and myself that occurred to further discuss agenda items.


Activities: Meet and discuss issues.  This year, topics included:


Final Conclusions: The committee was a great place for brainstorming and idea sharing.  This year’s committee seemed much more engaged; unfortunately we did not meet as much as we could have.  The only recommendation for next year is to encourage more meetings to explore issues further.