Selection of Central Academic Officials

Annual Report to the Faculty Senate



Committee Chair:  John S. Westefeld


Committee Members:  Steve Collins, Jeff Cox, Beth Ingram, Lynn Richman, Catherine Ringen, Jarjisu Sa-Aadu, Barbara Eckstein.


Committee Charge:  The primary charge to this committee is basically to consult with and advise the Board of Regents regarding the selection of the president of the university and with the president regarding the selection of other central academic officials; to consult with and advise the president of the university regarding appropriate processes for conducting searches for central academic officials; and to participate in the reviews of central academic offices and officers.


This was, in many ways, a very unusual year for this committee due to the resignation of President Skorton, an event unanticipated by many. Due to the rapid unfolding of events, there was much communication between members of the committee, almost all of it via e mail and phone.


On September 29 I met with President Skorton to discuss the role of the committee, and to find out about anticipated searches/reviews for the coming year.  The only events of note--as far as we knew at the time--were the review of the VP for Research Office, which was concluding, and the search for the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.  Following this meeting, I e mailed the committee and Dick LeBlond, and informed them about what had transpired in the meeting.  I also solicited names for the search for Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.


Activities of this committee remained minimal until President Skorton resigned. Between his resignation and the end of the year, there were numerous e mails/e mail consults with this committee that took place.  To summarize this activity, our goal was to provide input about the search, through the senate officers, and to provide potential names for the presidential search committee.  To summarize our input, we asked for an open search, chaired by a faculty member, with heavy faculty participation, as had been the case in past presidential searches. Near the end of the year, the chair of the presidential search committee met with our committee to obtain our input concerning the search.


I will be chairing this committee again this coming year.  I plan to again initiate a meeting with the president of the university very early in the academic year, and to consult with the members of the committee as well as the president of the faculty senate in terms of our role and activities.