Preamble: In order to provide for more efficient communication with the President and members of the administration, and provide better coordination between the Faculty Senate and Staff Council, the existing budget committees of each body will be combined to form a joint budget committee.  Charged by their respective constituencies, this committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the President, under the structure described below. 

(a)         Membership.  Confirmed by the President of the University, membership shall be as follows: 

(1)   Seven members appointed by the Faculty Senate;

(2)   Seven members appointed by the Staff Council.


(b)               Charge to the Committee.


(1)               The Committee shall:

(a)   Advise on budgetary priority setting and other budgetary matters which affect the University's General Education Fund; including salary policy and other budgetary decisions affecting faculty and staff;

(b)   Advise on state appropriations requests made to the Board of Regents; as may relate to University salary and other budget priorities;

(c)   Advise on the internal governance procedures of the University which have major budgetary implications and impact on faculty and staff;

(d)   Advise on the translation of University planning processes and unit reviews into specific budgetary allocations;

(e)   Promote programmatic and resource allocation decisions that are guided by strategic plans and that will advance the University; and

(f)     Consult with the UISG president and vice president on matters within the charge of this committee.


(c)        Guidelines.


(1)   In selecting and appointing members, it is advisable to choose those who have demonstrated an interest in and understanding of University financial and budgeting matters.

(2)   Consideration shall be given to the appointment of the immediate past president, current president and president-elect (or vice president) of Faculty Senate and Staff Council, as well as persons who have formerly served in those positions.

(3)   Members shall be appointed for a term not to exceed three years.  Reappointment is permitted; however, no person may serve for more than six consecutive years on the committee.

(4)   The Committee shall have co-chairs, each of whom may be appointed for a two-year term by the President of the University after consultation with the Faculty Senate President and Staff Council President.

(5)   The Provost and Vice President for Finance and University Services shall serve as liaisons to the committee.

(6)  The Co-chairs shall be empowered to appoint subcommittees to address particular issues.