University of Iowa Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article III, Section 2:

1. The Committee on Committees recommends to the Senate President who in turn recommends to the Council which in turn recommends to the Senate, the names of faculty members to fill positions on Charter (see University of Iowa Operations Manual 10.066 - 10.236), Non-Charter (Faculty-Staff Parking Appeals Committee, Non-Resident Fee Review Committee, Presidential Committee on Athletics), and University (Conflict of Interest in Employment Committee, Sustainability Advisory Council, Student Publications Committee, Honorary Degree Committee) committees, the Faculty Judicial Commission (see University of Iowa Operations Manual 20.262), the Faculty Staff Budget Committee, and all standing committees of the Senate, other than the Committee on Committees, and all other committees designated by the Senate President from time to time. These nominations are normally presented to the Council and the Senate in April of each year.

2. The Committee on Committees may make nominations to fill vacancies for which it appoints members at such times as vacancies occur.

3. The members of the Committee on Committees shall be appointed by the Senate President. Generally, the Senate President shall appoint to the Committee on Committees individuals who serve on the Faculty Council, but other individuals can be appointed to this committee.