UI Faculty Senate officers' response to performance-based funding report


The Faculty Senate, composed of eighty representatives of all academic units of the University, serves as the principal channel of communication between faculty members and the central administration of the University. The Senate may discuss and take a position on any subject of University concern, and may recommend policies on these matters to the President. The Senate also appoints faculty members to serve on the several University committees as well as the Faculty Senate committees; these committees carry out much of the work of the Senate. Faculty members are afforded an opportunity each year to volunteer for committee service. The Senate also consults with the Board of Regents regarding appointment of central academic officials, and with the President on the periodic performance reviews of such officials.

The twenty-member Faculty Council, composed of elected Faculty Senators, meets frequently to discuss issues of current importance, and to prepare action suggestions for submission to the Faculty Senate.

For further information on the Faculty Senate, consult the other pages of this Web site, or direct routine inquiries to Laura Zaper, Administrative Services Coordinator, (319) 335-0617. You may also wish to contact the 2014-2015 Faculty Senate President Professor Alexandra Thomas, Internal Medicine, C32 GH, 356-2425, .


View the March 31 Tenure Workshop here, At the workshop a panel of speakers gave advice on how to be successful in obtaining tenure and discussed applicable procedures.

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