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Graduate Program in Free Radical and Radiation Biology, Ph.D. Objective

The Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program is an interdisciplinary graduate program that provides students with a fundamental grounding in Free Radical Biology and Radiation Biology. All students devise an individualized program to apply the basics of free radical biology to their research program on the fundamental mechanisms and treatment of disease. Many students direct their scholarly activities to research on some aspect of cancer. However, students have elected to focus on a wide range of human disease. Some examples are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, human toxicology, environmental science, and immunology/infectious disease. Our goal is to educate the next generation of leaders in the student’s chosen field. [Link to details]

Postdoctoral Program in Free Radical and Radiation Biology:

The Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program has a formal Training Program for Postdoctoral Scholars. This program is supported by an NIH Training grant as well as individual research grants of faculty in the Program. [Link to details]


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