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General Stores and the Gas Cylinder service have moved their account information on line to help support sustainability at the University of Iowa. Use the information below to check your statements.
Gas Cylinders (Journal ID 10335GSTR1):
General Stores (Journal ID INGEN#######): contact Carolyn Iles for instructions.

Dell Toners in stock at General Stores
Stock# Description Price
37707 Dell Toner 5330dn 20000 page (330-2045) NY313 $166.85
38921 Dell Toner 3130cn 9000 page Black (330-1198) $112.58
38922 Dell Toner 3130cn 9000 page Cyan (330-1199) $204.95
38923 Dell Toner 3130cn 9000 page Magenta (330-1200) $204.92
38924 Dell Toner 3130cn 9000 page Yellow (330-1204) $204.92
38925 Dell Toner 2330dn 6000 page Black (330-2649) $116.63
Order above items from the General Stores Catalog in PReqs.
Download item ID numbers here for General Stores stock.

The MIGS ordering system for OfficeMax products has been replaced by eBuy. eBuy enables staff to order from OfficeMax with contract pricing using their University account numbers (MFKs). PCard ordering from OfficeMax has not changed. Our goal is for all General Stores customers to place their orders online. In the future General Stores will not accept faxed or mailed orders. We will work with departments to make this transition as easy as possible. Please visit the eBuy website to learn more about this exciting initiative and which other suppliers will be included.

Access eBuy from your Employee Self-Service page through the following path:
Administration > Systems > e-Pro(E-Vouchers & PReqs) > eBuy.

eBuy: email or call Purchasing, 335-0379.
OfficeMax: call 384-3908.

2012-2013 University Academic Calendar and University Directory
The 2012-2013 University of Iowa desk calendars are available through General Stores. Order them online using PReqs. The stock number is 1000393, the cost is $1.75 each. Contact General Stores at 384-3906 or with questions. University Directories (Herd Books) will be available later in the fall.

2012 office supply catalogs
The 2012 OfficeMax catalogs are available. Customers should email their name, department name, campus delivery address, and the number of catalogs they need to Some catalog numbers and primary vendors have changed, so it is important to use this catalog when you order office supplies. The staff at General Stores thanks you for your support.

Vendor alert
It has come to our attention that vendors are calling UI departments to market copier and printer toner and ink cartridges. These vendors do not represent the General Stores contract with OfficeMax, and departments should NOT order supplies from them. Typically, although the pricing may sound attractive in the phone call, it ends up being significantly more expensive than our contract prices. Often these vendors give the impression that you are purchasing new, original, equipment-manufactured toners when in reality you will receive low-quality reconditioned toners.

General Stores provides The University of Iowa with office products, custodial supplies, paper, copy machine supplies, and specialty products such as dry ice and softener salt. It also operates a gas cylinder pick-up and delivery service. Although some items are kept in stock at General Stores, many more are available through an office supply vendor on contract with the University. Presently, that vendor is OfficeMax. Print catalogs are available on request.

Most University forms have been converted to electronic format. Check e-forms or your departmental website when you need forms.

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