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Why do I need to enter information into a new application?

The information you may have previously provided was not at the level of detail necessary for the UI to request reimbursement for your effort from FEMA. The information you entered remains available for your review.

Why do I have to record so much detail?

FEMA reimburses the University for flood related costs on project worksheets submitted by the University. Project worksheets are developed on a building-by-building basis with separates damage costs between building repairs and contents. Additional information concerning specific equipment and room number are required to support some costs.

Based on the list of FEMA tasks, what should I do if I don’t have any reportable hours?

Do not enter any time.

For what weeks should I enter time?

Enter time for all weeks beginning July 1, 2008 until you are no longer working on flood related activities. For example, if a building is rebuilt, enter time for the duration of the project, so long as you continue to be involved in the project.

When should I enter my information?

Please enter your time as soon as possible. As you continue to perform flood related efforts, enter your time on a weekly basis. Save flood related calendar appointments and e-mails to provide documentation for your entries.

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Why am I being asked to enter hours?

You were identified as having contributed more than 40 hours to flood-relief efforts since June 2008.

What is the difference being effort and hours for flood tracking purposes?

In terms of your entry, hours is the same as effort.

What is my “total effort” for a week?

Your total effort should equal the total number of hours that you worked for the University of Iowa for the week. Your total hours should exclude time away from work, like vacation and sick time. It should include time you spent on FEMA-related tasks and University non-flood related work. Your task hours should not total more than your total hours. For example, if you worked 45 hours in a week, but only spent 15 hours on flood related work, your total effort is still 45 hours.

How do I calculate effort by building and/or temporary location?

If you did work that supported multiple buildings or temporary locations (i.e. “Arts Campus”), reasonably allocate your time between buildings/locations. For example, if you attend a meeting that involves multiple buildings, reasonably allocate time in the meeting to separate buildings.

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Why do I have to enter tasks by building?

To receive reimbursement for your efforts, the UI must follow FEMA guidelines. FEMA reimburses costs for only some tasks and requires tasks to be identified by building.

I worked on the Arts Campus, why can’t I enter my time that way?

There is no project worksheet for “Arts Campus,” because it is a large area which includes multiple buildings. There is one project worksheet for each University building damaged, one project worksheet for each building’s damaged contents, and one project worksheet for each temporary location established.

I moved contents from a damaged building to another location, either a new building or another UI building. Where should I charge my effort?

Only temporary, non-budgeted employees’ time may be charged for moving contents to a temporary location. If you can access this task, please charge the location to which the contents were moved (normally the temporary location, not the damaged building).

What is a “temporary location”?

A temporary location is a site, either within another UI building or a building newly leased, housing a department that moved out of a damaged building.

Why can’t I enter my time moving to a temporary location but I can enter my time moving back into a damaged building?

Temporary relocation costs are considered part of “emergency measures”, and FEMA specifically prohibits reimbursements for regular-paid time permanent-type staff spent performing what they consider to be “emergency measures”. Moving back into a flood-damaged building is part of the permanent restoration of a building, not an “emergency measure”, and permanent restoration is reimbursable to a much greater extent.

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Additional Information Requested

What am I supposed to enter for “equipment” on the tasks to “Assess and Repair or Replace Equipment”?

Please enter a description of the equipment. It may include the model number or manufacturer, if relevant. It is required by FEMA.

What is the difference between “building” and “content” for some tasks and why do I have to enter it?

Contents are any removable equipment, furnishings or supplies. Examples of equipment include scientific instruments, office supplies, computers, etc. Buildings are any structures or buildings, including non-removable equipment such as built-in bookshelves, ceiling light fixtures, HVAC, etc. For each damaged building, FEMA requires that the University separate costs for “buildings” and “contents”. Only those tasks that could be applicable to “buildings” and “contents” require this additional distinction.

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Do I need to keep supporting information?

If you are entering time for another employee, please retain supporting documentation. If you are entering your own time, you will be asked to certify your entry periodically as part of this application. Maintain documentation to verify and support how time is spent, such as calendar appointments or e-mail communications.

What am I certifying?

The certification statement periodically requires your confirmation. Your confirmation acknowledges that the information you are entering is valid and that the university can use it to pursue all reimbursements available to us.

What should I do if I need additional help?

There are user instructions attached to this application, smart-tags associated with each screen and these FAQs. If you have a question concerning eligibility that was not addressed in the user instructions, application’s smart-tags, or these FAQs, please send an e-mail to Risk Management (risk-management@uiowa.edu) or call 335-0010. If you have a question concerning access or the application itself, please call your HR Unit Representative.

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