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Managing Talent - Developing and Leading a Diverse Team (Part 5)

Course # 598

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“Leadership is also a performing art – a collection of practices and behaviors—not a position. Constituents don’t willingly follow positions; they follow people engaged in a process. And people don’t get extraordinary things done unless they have the will to do so. Excellence rises from within; it can’t be imposed from without. Thus we define leadership as the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.” (The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes, James M & Posner, Barry Z.). With this idea in mind, Managing Talent- Developing and Leading A Diverse Team is a course designed to assist managers and supervisors in developing key leadership diversity skills designed to mobilize diverse groups of team members around a shared vision. The course will cover ideas on how a group transforms into a team and the challenges a leader may face in focusing on the recognition and valuing of the specific character and make-up of a diverse team, as well as, the engagement of the challenges of building collaboration among the members of such a team. Further, the building of an inclusive work environment that appropriately nurtures and causes the individual and group contributions to the work product effective is imperative for a team to effectively collaborate and to strategically serve a diverse constituency.


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This is a core course for the Supervising @IOWA certificate program. It is intended for UI faculty and staff supervisors who are enrolled in the Supervising @IOWA certificate program.

Supervising @IOWA is designed for relatively new supervisors or as a comprehensive overview for more experienced supervisors that focus on the everyday practices that create a productive and respectful work environment. All UI supervisors are welcome to enroll in the program. Visit Supervising @IOWA to learn more about the program.