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Business & Human Resources Processes Overview
Course # 328


Advertising Description:

This course will provide an overview of major business processes in the area of Accounting (General Ledger), Human Resources, Purchasing and Accounts Payable/Travel. You will learn about roles & responsibilities, specific business rules, access to systems, available tools, internal and external reporting. Understand an employee's responsibility for approving and reviewing transactions and learn about what reports to review for administrative purposes. Finally, find out about additional courses which will provide more detailed training on related topics. After attending this course, attendees will know: 1) What is the difference in roles/responsibilities between departments versus central administration? 2) What it means when you approve a transaction in workflow? 3) What are pertinent business rules for transactions? 4) What happens to the transaction when it is through the system? 5) What are the consequences of not following processes and policies? 6) Who are our external stakeholders and what information do they rely on?

Key topics:

Objectives: (At the end of this course participants will be able to answer the following questions):

Participants (audience course is designed for):

Managers enrolled in the UI Business Processes Series (as core course). When offered as a makeup, BPS participants and anyone else who is interested in learning this information.