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July 13, 2001
Volume 38, No. 18


Forget weeding: It's time for reading
Iowa's energy costs prompt conservative measures
Retirees take their own sweet time

news and briefs

News Briefs
July longevity awards presented
Twelve honored for staff excellence
2000-2001 Faculty and Staff Retirees


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Offices and Awards

Ph.D. Thesis Defenses
Publications and Creations
Tuition assistance available for employee development
Staff tuition grant application for fall semester 2001

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2000-2001 Faculty and Staff Retirees

Virginia L. Adams,
UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Kenneth E. Adamson, Information Technology Services

Donald Alton, computer science

Judith A. Anderson, College of Public Health, epidemiology

Stephen M. Arum, International Programs

Shirley R. Banes, College of Medicine, bioengineering

D. Duane Banks, athletics

Richard Baker, geoscience

Bonnie L. Bender, rhetoric

Joann B. Bender, University Hospital School

Lloyd E. Bender Jr., Audiovisual Center

Ranbir K. Rhatnagar, pharmacology

Melda L. Black, UIHC patient transportation

Evelyn Bollinger, College of Medicine, surgery

Marjorie A. Bower, Facilities Services Group

Marilyn K. Boyd, UIHC nursing services

Shamsher S. Brar, University Hygienic Laboratory

George M. Breuer, University Hygienic Laboratory

Hans Breder, art and art history

D. Ann Bruce, UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

Robert E. Bruch, Facilities Services Group

Beverly H. Bryant, UIHC nursing services

Ray L. Bryant, Information Technology Services

Donald D. Cain, UIHC hospital stores

George Cain, biology

Dolores A. Capps, UIHC central sterilizing

Dinah B. Cassabaum, UIHC radiology

Duane G. Chance, Facilities Services Group

Shirley A. Charbonneau, UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

Sandra K. Clark, Residence Services

William C. Cleveland, Information Technology Services

Birgit L. Coffman, College of Medicine, pharmacology

Robert Coffman, chemistry

John W. Colloton, University of Iowa Statewide Health Services

Shirley M. Colony, College of Public Health, epidemiology

Larry D. Cowles, printing

Carolyn Crowell, nursing

Jonathan Cryer, statistics and actuarial science

Kathryn A. Dalton, UIHC nursing services

Thomas A. Dewey, Facilities Services Group

Elaine Dockery, Information Technology Services

Robert G. Dostal, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

James E. Dougherty, Broadcasting Services

Donald Downing, dermatology

Gladys D. Duppong, pediatric dentistry

Marylee Ehrenfelt, UIHC nursing services

Louis R. Eichler, central mail

Ellen A. Engelbeck, UIHC pharmaceutical care

Nora England, anthropology

James Erhardt, radiology

Mary Lou Fairchild, UIHC Rehabilitation Therapies

Howard Field, preventive and community dentistry

Linda Reed Fink, UIHC nursing services

Velma I. Fisher, Registrar’s Office

Jacqueline L. Flanegan, UIHC nursing services

Marie Joy Fry, College of Medicine, family medicine

Eugene M. Getchell, III, Information Technology Services

Richard E. Gibson, Facilities Services Group

Nancy M. Giesking, UIHC nursing services

Bernard P. Gilroy, Residence Services

Barbara E. Gorvin, College of Law

Mary Lynn Grant, Office of the President

Bette L. Griffin, UIHC Business Office

Janice M. Grimm, Facilities Services Group

Judi M. Gust, UIHC nursing services

Marilyn A. Hanson, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Linden D. Hartman, printing

Audrey M. Hauser, UIHC Business Office

Mary A. Heacock, Residence Services

Paul E. Hebl, Facilities Services Group

Janice E. Hennessey, Residence Services

Barbara L. Hinkel, Information Technology Services

Marilyn K. Hiscock, University of Iowa Heart Care

Robert Hogg, statistics and actuarial science

Albert Hood, counseling, rehabilitation, and student development

Richard E. Hormel, Facilities Services Group

Linda L. Howsare, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Elray E. Hoylman, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Iva M. Hoylman, College of Medicine, family medicine

Robert L. Huber, Human Resources

Ruth A. Hughes, UIHC pharmaceutical care

Roger L. Janssen, central mail

Melvin L. Jenn, UIHC facility operations, maintenance and engineering

Mary M. Johl, IMU Food Service, Oakdale Hall

Cora M. Johnson, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Sharon J. Johnson, UIHC nursing services

Christina Rose Keese, UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

James L. Keese, Residence Services

Mary Ann Kempf, UIHC nursing services

David P. Kern, parking and transportation

George S. Klingler, Division of Continuing Education

Kermit Klopfenstein, UIHC Material Services

Young Hee Koch, UIHC pathology

Carolyn K. Kohl, Graduate College

Richard M. Kolbet, University Libraries

Loyd E. Koopman, Facilities Services Group

Jane A. Kopsa, UIHC nursing services

Adrianus Korpel, electrical and computer engineering

Kathryn A. Kotowske, UIHC nursing services

Bonnie L. Krummel, UIHC nursing services

Gene Krupa, rhetoric

James F. Kutcher, Facilities Services Group

Julie A. Leichty, UIHC psychiatry

Valdean Lembke, accounting

Ruth E. Lillie, College of Medicine, internal medicine

James L. Lindemann, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Betty J. Lindley, College of Dentistry

Margaret I. Loomer, UIHC orthopaedics

Josephine P. Lovig, UIHC nursing services

Lee J. Lutz, Child Health Speciality Clinics

Mary Jo Macken, UIHC nursing services

Doris J. Madlom, College of Dentistry

Janet R. Mapel, University Hospital School

Satya N. Mathur, College of Medicine, internal medicine

William Matthes, counseling, rehabilitation, and student development

Dorothy L. Megchelsen, UIHC nursing services

Janice Annette Meyer, Child Health Specialty Clinics

George P. Mullally, University Libraries

Don A. Mullinnix, Facilities Services Group

Donna M. Mullinnix, purchasing

Laraine C. Nelson, College of Nursing

Margaret M. Nelson, School of Social Work

Betty L. Nerad, UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

Barbara H. Ness, College of Medicine, orthopaedic surgery

Kelly A. Newhouse, UIHC finance and accounting services

Connie J. Norton, family dentistry

Robert G. Olney, communication studies

Lois E. Paintin, UIHC nursing services

Glenn S. Patton, athletics

Frank G. Person, Burge food service

Christine Rosemarie Petzold, College of Pharmacy

Judith M. Platz, UIHC nursing services

Robert J. Polman, printing

James Price, sociology

Linda J. Prybil, UIHC nursing services

Joan D. Radloff, occupational and environmental health

Carole L. Ramsey, University Hospital School occupational therapy

Sharon L. Rebouche, University of Iowa Press

Sandra A. Reese, College of Medicine, urology

Betty L. Reinhard, Facilities Services Group

Cheryel L. Reyhons, College of Medicine, orthopaedic surgery

Glenda L. Reynolds, UIHC nursing services

Joyce I. Rhoads, occupational and environmental health

Larry A. Rogers, Facilities Services Group

Joan C. Rourke, Residence Services

Darlene K. Ruggles, Facilities Services Group

Keith E. Ruggles, Facilities Services Group

Lavonne Ruther, nursing

Daryl R. Sawin, Information Technology Services

Carol L. Schiltz, UIHC nursing services

Phillip Schmid, internal medicine

Helen A. Schneider, UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

Jean M. Schwab, UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

G. Carl Schweser, finance

Bernard R. Singleton, Facilities Services Group

Warren G. Slebos, Recreational Services

Donald Smith, journalism and mass communication

Elizabeth G. Smith, UIHC Family Care Center

Eugene Spaziani, biological sciences

Violet A. Spenner, UIHC Material Services

Susan K. Steele, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Mary Ellen Stewart, College of Medicine, dermatology

Mary Stewart, nursing

Gerald L. Stone, Counseling Service and psychological and quantitative foundations

Geraldine L. Stoner, Residence Services

Anna M. Stranieri, College of Medicine, dermatology

Delores A. Sullivan, UIHC nursing services

Arthur R. Tellin, Facilities Services Group

Geraldine K. Tetrault, UIHC clinical outreach services

Sharon Thee, Child Health Specialty Clinics

William Theisen, social work

John R. Tiffany, College of Medicine, medical television

Darell G. Truitt, College of Medicine, medical television

Max M. Ullom, University veterinarian

Annalou Vigil, College of Dentistry

Carolyn A. Vogel, College of Medicine, ophthalmology

Carol S. Vogt, College of Education

Barbara D. Voss, printing

Donald K. Vrchoticky, UIHC facility operations, main-tainence and engineering

Shirley A. Wade, UIHC facilities operations, housekeeping

Eileen J. Wallace, printing

Shirley A. Walters, University Hospital School

Audry I. Walton, purchasing

Wenan L. Wang, biological sciences

Ellen L. Wardenburg, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Gerald K. Waters, UIHC facility operations, maintenance and engineering

Nancy L. Waters, UIHC facility operations, housekeeping

Kay Boese Weiler, nursing

Jude West, management and organization

Janet J. Wicks, UIHC nursing services

Carilyn M. Wieland, University Hygienic Laboratory

Cay Ann Wieland, College of Medicine, biochemistry

Marjorie G. Wilhite, University Libraries

Wanda J. Wilker, Human Resources, payroll

Norman Williams, biological sciences

H.E. Williamson, pharmocology

Charlotte A. Wilson, UIHC Patient Representatives

Charles R. Wolf, Facilities Services Group

Margery Wolf, anthropology

Carol R. Zalesky, Clinical Research Center


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