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December 8, 2000
Volume 38, No. 8


Achieving Marital Utopia
America's poet of comrades: Walt Whitman in China
Pharmacy emphasizes people skills with patient counseling tourney
Herky proves a light-headed mascot
InSite: Hardin Meta Directory keeps winning prizes

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News Briefs
Human Rights Week 2001 events include lectures, films, convocation
Speech specialist, musician to give Presidential Lecture
Affirmative Action says Iowa better than reported
Longevity Awards presented for December


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Ph.D. Thesis Defenses
Pubs. and Creations
Committee seeks input from UI during Office of the Provost review
Fund-raising dinner benefits women's organizations
Public Safety joins holiday campaign
Nominations sought for disability achievement award

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Publications and Creations

College of Dentistry

Nowak AJ, pediatric dentistry; Warren JJ, preventive and community dentistry: an article, "Infant oral health and oral habits," Pediatric Clinics of North America 47(5), Oct. 2000.

Ruprecht A, oral pathology, radiology/medicine; Hellstein J; Bobinet K; Mattinson C: an article, "The prevalence of radiographically evident mandibular tori in the University of Iowa dental patients," Dentomaxillo-facial Radiology 29(5), Sept. 2000.

Shelly A; Beam W; Mergen J; Parks CT; Casko J, orthodontics: an article, "Asymmetric extraction treatment of an angle class II division 2 subdivision left malocclusion with anterior and posterior crossbites," American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics 118(4), Oct. 2000.

Thomas G; Johnson L, oral pathology, radiology/medicine; Dow S; Stanford C, Dows Institute for Dental Research: an article, "The design and testing of a force feedback dental simulator," Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 64(1), 2000.

College of Liberal Arts

Ignatovich VK; Ignatovich FV; Andersen DR, physics and astronomy, electrical and computer engineering: an article, "Algebraic description of multiplayer systems with resonances," Particles and Nuclei, Letters 3(100), 2000.

Crist L, dance: two books, Ballet Barre and Center Combinations Vol. I: Word Description and Vol. III: Labanotation, Nov. 2000.

Wilcox J, English: an article, "The wolf on shepherds: Wulfstan, bishops, and the context of the Sermo Lupi ad Anglos," Old English Prose: Basic Readings, 2000.

College of Medicine

Durham PL, Russo AF, physiology and biophysics: an article, "Differential regulation of mitogen-activated protein kinase-responsive genes by the duration of a calcium signal," Molec Endocrinol 14, 2000.

Rind HB; Russo AF, physiology and biophysics; Whittemore SR: an article, "Developmental regulation of TPH mRNA expression and enzyme activity in the raphe and its target fields," Neuroscience 101, 2000.

Straub V; Donahue KM; Allamand V, physiology and biophysics; Davisson RL, anatomy and cell biology; Kim YR; Campbell KP, physiology and biophysics: an article, "Contrast agent-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of skeletal muscle damage in animal models of muscular dystrophy," Mag Resonance in Med 44, 2000.

College of Nursing

Butcher HK, nursing: an article, "Critical theory and rogerian science: Incommensurable or reconcilable," The Journal of Rogerian Nursing Science 8(1), 2000.

Clark J; Craft-Rosenberg M, Delaney C, nursing: an article, "An international methodology to describe clinical nursing phenomena: A team approach," International Journal of Nursing Studies 37, 2000.

McCarthy AM, nursing; Kelly MW; Reed D, nursing: an article, "Medication administration practices of school nurses," Journal of School Health 70(9), 2000.

Williams JK, nursing: a book chapter, "Genetic counseling," in Nursing Interventions for Infants, Children, and Families, 2000.

Williams JK, Schutte DL, nursing: an article, "Genetic testing and mental health: The model of Huntington disease," Online Journal of Issues in Nursing 5(3), 2000.

College of Pharmacy

Correction: Part of the following listing was omitted in the Nov. 17 issue of fyi: Son J-K; Rosazza JPN, medicinal and natural products chemistry: an article, "Cyclic guanosine-3’,5’-monophosphate and bioteridine biosynthesis in Nocardia sp," J Bacteriol 182(13), 2000.

College of Public Health

Arbour NC, anatomy and cell biology; Lorenz E; Schutte BC, pediatrics-cardiology; Zabner J, Kline JN, internal medicine; Jones M; Frees K, pediatrics; Watt JL, internal medicine; Schwartz DA: an article, "TLR4 mutations are associated with endotoxin hyporesponsiveness in humans," Nature Genetics 25, June 2000.

Dennis LK, epidemiology; Resnick MI: an article, "Analysis of the prostate cancer epidemic," Prostate 42(4), 2000.

Donham KJ, occupational and environmental health; Cumro D; Reynolds SJ, Merchant JA, occupational and environmental health: an article, "Dose-response relationships between occupational and aerosol exposures and cross-shift declines of lung function in poultry workers: Recommendations for exposure limits," J Occup Environ Med 42(3), 2000.

Saftlas AF, epidemiology; Koonin LM; Atrash HK: an article, "Racial disparity in pregnancy-related mortality associated with livebirth: Can established risk factors explain it?" American Journal of Epidemiology 152(5), 2000.

Sprince NL, occupational and environmental health; Lewis MQ; Whitten PS, Reynolds SJ, Zwerling C, occupational and environmental health: an article, "Respiratory symptoms: Associations with pesticides, silos, and animal confinement in the Iowa Farm Family Health and Hazard Surveillance Project," Am J Ind Med 38, 2000.

Subramanian P, occupational and environmental health; Breuer G, Hygienic Lab; Reynolds SJ, occupational and environmental health: an article, "Low molecular weight carbonyls in large midwestern office buildings," Intl J Environ Anal Chem 76(3), 2000.

Subramanian P, Reynolds SJ, occupational and environmental health; Breuer G, Hygienic Lab; Whitten P, occupational and environmental health: an article, "Analysis of Limonene as an indicator for the assessment of environmental air quality and health symptoms in office buildings," J Environ Sci Health 35(7), 2000.

Ward MM, health management and policy; Javitz HS; Smith WM; Bakst A: an article, "A comparison of three approaches for attributing hospitalizations to specific diseases in cost analyses," International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 16(1), 2000.

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