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December 8, 2000
Volume 38, No. 8


Achieving Marital Utopia
America's poet of comrades: Walt Whitman in China
Pharmacy emphasizes people skills with patient counseling tourney
Herky proves a light-headed mascot
InSite: Hardin Meta Directory keeps winning prizes

news and briefs

News Briefs
Human Rights Week 2001 events include lectures, films, convocation
Speech specialist, musician to give Presidential Lecture
Affirmative Action says Iowa better than reported
Longevity Awards presented for December


Bulletin Board

Offices and Awards

Ph.D. Thesis Defenses
Pubs. and Creations
Committee seeks input from UI during Office of the Provost review
Fund-raising dinner benefits women's organizations
Public Safety joins holiday campaign
Nominations sought for disability achievement award

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"This is real. This is something that they need to be aware of. If they are experiencing depression . . . don’t hesitate to get help for it." Michael W. O’Hara, professor of psychology, urging new mothers to seek therapy for postpartum depression as quickly as possible (Yahoo! News, Nov. 15).

"Twenty-five years ago most people thought psychiatric disease was caused by bad parenting." Nancy Andreason, professor of psychiatry, seeing hope for a schizophrenia drug now that the disorder is understood to be a disease of the brain (The Age, Nov. 19).

"He just hit absolutely right on the mark." Ken Cmiel, chair of history, naming Richard Nixon’s 1960 speech upon losing the close presidential election to John F. Kennedy as the best concession speech in memory (Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 19).

"Eleven percent of elementary schoolteachers brought all the children with them to the bathroom when they were unable to hold it any longer." Marc Linder, professor of law, citing one of the more egregious examples of employers providing insufficient bathroom breaks for workers (The New York Times, Nov. 22).

"Let’s turn winter from a time of marketing to a time of introspection and being increasingly intentional in these decisions." Diane Finnerty, diversity resource coordinator/educator in Affirmative Action, offering holiday shoppers an alternative to the familiar routine of knee-jerk gift purchasing (Des Moines Register, Nov. 24).

"The problem is that science changes very quickly, and faculty sizes don’t." Wayne Polyzou, chair of physics and astronomy, supporting the creation of a new research track at Iowa (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Nov. 26).

"I think the major implication of having children in the schools who require medications during the day is the need for more nurses in the schools." Ann Marie McCarthy, associate professor of nursing, proposing a solution to the high number of errors made by school nurses in administering the increasing quantities of medications required by kids (Yahoo! News, Nov. 30).

"We shouldn’t be in the business of being a farm team for the NFL." Mary Sue Coleman, UI president, lamenting the public pressure on universities to produce future athletic stars (Deseret News, Nov. 30).


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