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October 19, 2001
Volume 39, No. 5


Playful to the bone
Coleman says proposed cuts serious, but the University will do its share
Minutes Matter gets UI employees up and at 'em
Remembering November 1: A University tragedy 10 years later

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Benefits election: Before you choose, do the math
Staff Longevity Awards presented for October


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Publications and Creations

College of Dentistry

Cowen HJ, preventive and community dentistry; Cowen PS, nursing: an article, “Elder mistreatment: Implications for public health dentistry,” Journal of Public Health Dentistry 61(3), summer 2001.

Dawson DV, preventive and community dentistry; Welsh-Bohmer KA; Siegler IC: an article, “Informant rated personality change in Alzheimer disease patients: Replication, influence of premorbid profile, and covariate relationships,” Research and Practice in Alzheimer’s Disease 5, 2001.

Nathan JE, pediatric dentistry: an article, “Behavioral management strategies for young pediatric dental patients with disabilities,” Journal of Dentistry for Children 68(2), March-April 2001.

Okamoto M; Takada K; Yasudo Y; Bishara S, orthodontics: an article, “Palatally displaced upper lateral incisors: Relapse after orthodontic treatment and its correlation with dentoskeletal morphology,” Clinical Orthodontics & Research 3(4), Nov. 2000.

Shugars DC; Watkins CA, Cowen HJ, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “Salivary concentration of secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor, an antimicrobial protein, is decreased with advanced age,” Gerontology 47(5), Sept.-Oct. 2001.

Van Meerbeek B; Vargas M, operative dentistry; Inoue S; Yoshida Y; Peumans M; Lambrechts P; Vanherle G: an article, “Adhesives and cements to promote preservation dentistry,” Operative Dentistry (Suppl. 6), Aug. 2001.

College of Education

Bartlett L, educational policy and leadership studies; Weisenstein GR; Etscheidt S: a book, Successful Inclusion for Educational Leaders, 2001.

Brennan RL, Iowa Testing Programs: a book, Generalizability Theory, 2001.

Lewis C, curriculum and instruction: a book, Literary Practices and Social Acts: Power, Status, and Cultural Norms in the Classroom, 2001.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Hamilton D, English: a book, Deep River, 2001.

Sheriff DD, Hakeman AL, exercise science: an article, “Role of speed versus grade in relation to muscle pump function at locomotion onset,” J Appl Physiol 91, 2001.

Sheriff DD, exercise science; Isdahl WM; Nelson CD; Werchan PM: an article, “Brief exposure to?z reduces cerebral perfusion pressure during subsequent +Gz stress in rats,” Aviat Space Environ Med 72, 2001.

College of Nursing

Cowen PS, nursing: an article, “Effectiveness of a parent education intervention for at-risk families,” Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses 6(2), 2001.

Drevdahl D; Taylor JY, nursing; Phillips DA: an article, “Race and ethnicity as variables in Nursing Research, 1952-2000,” Nursing Research 50(5), 2001.

Gardner SE, Frantz RA, nursing; Doebbeling BN, internal medicine: an article, “The validity of the clinical signs and symptoms used to identify localized chronic wound infection,” Wound Repair and Regeneration 9(3), 2001.

Kwekkeboom KL, nursing: an article, “Outcome expectancy and success with cognitive-behavioral interventions: The case of guided imagery,” Oncology Nursing Forum 28(7), 2001.

Xakellis GC; Frantz RA, nursing; Lewis A; Harvey P: an article, “Translating pressure ulcer guidelines into practice: It’s harder than it sounds,” Advances in Skin & Wound Care 14(5), 2001.

College of Pharmacy

Carter BL, clinical hospital pharmacy: an article, “The legacy of Iowa pharmacy,” The Journal of the Iowa Pharmacy Association, July-Aug. 2001.

Carter BL, clinical hospital pharmacy; Malone DC; Billups SJ; Valuck RJ; Barnette DJ; Sintek CD; Ellis S; Covey D; Mason B; Jue S; Carmichael J; Guthrie K; Dombrowski R; Geraets DR, clinical hospital pharmacy; Amato M: an article, “Interpreting the findings of the IMPROVE study,” Am J Health-Syst Pharm 58, 2001.

Ernst ME, family medicine pharmacy; Doucette WR, clinical and administrative pharmacy; Dedhiya SD; Osterhaus MC, Kumbera PA, clinical hospital pharmacy; Osterhaus JT; Townsend RJ: “Use of point-of-service health status assessments by community pharmacists to identify and resolve drug-related problems in patients with musculoskeletal disorders,” Pharmacotherapy 21(8), 2001.

Linhardt RJ, medicinal and natural products chemistry; Zhang F, chemical and biochemical engineering; Wolff MW; Williams D; Busch K; Lang SC, Murhammer DW, chemical and biochemical engineering: an article, “Affinity purification of secreted alkaline phosphatase produced by baculovirus expression vector system,” Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 90, 2001.

Miller JR Jr, clinical hospital pharmacy; Fleckenstein L, clinical and administrative pharmacy: an article, “Gas chromatographic assay of diethylcarbamazine in human plasma for application to clinical pharmacokinetic studies,” Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 26, 2001.

Morrison VA; Picozzi V; Scott S, clinical hospital pharmacy; Pohlman B; Dickman E; Lee M; Lawless G; Kerr R; Caggiano V; Delgado D; Fridman M; Ford J; Carter WB: an article, “The impact of age on delivered dose intensity and hospitalizations for febrile neutropenia in patients with intermediate-grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma receiving initial CHOP chemotherapy: A risk factor analysis,” Clinical Lymphona 2(1), 2001.

Okano JG; Malone DC; Billups SJ; Carter BL, clinical hospital pharmacy; Sintek CD; Covey D; Mason B; Jue S; Carmichael J; Guthrie K; Dombrowski R; Geraets DR, clinical hospital pharmacy; Amato MG: an article, “Reduced quality of life in veterans at risk for drug-related problems,” Pharmacotherapy 21(9), 2001.

Other Offices

Rovine V, Museum of Art: a book, Bogolan: Shaping Culture Through Cloth in Contemporary Mali, 2001; and an article, “Baba Wagué Diakité: Ceramic works,” African Arts 34(2), summer 2001.

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