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October 19, 2001
Volume 39, No. 5


Playful to the bone
Coleman says proposed cuts serious, but the University will do its share
Minutes Matter gets UI employees up and at 'em
Remembering November 1: A University tragedy 10 years later

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Benefits election: Before you choose, do the math
Staff Longevity Awards presented for October


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Ph. D. Thesis Defenses

Oct. 19

Daniel Emery (Communication Studies), “Objective Subjects: On the Emergence of Modernist Rhetoric in England,” B. Gronbeck, chair; 8:30am, 105C BCSB

Oct. 22

Cindy Scherb (Nursing), “Describing Nursing Effectiveness through Standardized Nursing Languages and Computerized Clinical Data,” M. Maas, chair; 10am, 133 NB

Oct. 24

Ying Zhang (Free Radical and Radiation Biology), “Overexpression of Glutathione Peroxidase Reverses Human Glioma Cell Growth Inhibition by Copper Zinc Superoxide Dismutase,” L. Oberley, chair; 9:30am, B180 ML

Oct. 25

Sean Casey (Education), “Comparing Functional Outcomes between Brief Functional Analyses and Concurrent Operants Assessments,” D. Wacker, chair; 4pm, 213 CDD

Oct. 26

Laura Baker (American Studies), “Capitalism Beautiful and Consumer Democracy: Civic Ideals, Mass Culture, and the Public in Chicago, 1900-1925,” A. Steinberg, chair; 10am, 704 JB

Daniel Marion (Geoscience), “Field Experiments of Channel Morphology and Bedload Interactions at Near-bankful Flows in a Small, Step-pool Stream in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas,” F. Weirich, chair; 10:30am, Callen Room, 205D GILH

Oct. 31

Linda Hemminger (Education), “Mentor-Protégé Pairings for Novice Second Language Teachers: Mentor Availability, Assignment, and Accessibility,” L. Schrier, chair; 10:30am, N295 LC

Nov. 1

Deborah Post (Microbiology), “Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Lipooligosaccharide Biosynthesis and Assembly in Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae,” M. Apicella, chair; 10am, 3-560 BSB

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