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November 16, 2001
Volume 39, No. 7


Byting the Past: Preserving Old Pages with New Technology
Training the unseen healers: Clinical lab scientist program preps grads for high demand profession
Nonprofits profit from Iowa center

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Pomerantz Center building named in recognition of $10 million gift
Carver Trust gives $10 million for medical research facility
November Longevity Awards presented


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Ph.D. Thesis Defenses
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Parking and Transportation now offers 30-ride bus passes
Faculty members invited to apply now for Old Gold Summer Fellowships

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Ph.D. Thesis Defenses

Nov. 16

Michael Rich (Mass Communications), “Democracy, Journalism, and the Press: Venezuela in 1958,” J. Erickson, chair; 10am, W322 SSH

Joel Jones (Music), “An Analysis of Two Early Twentieth-century Piano Suites: From the Southland by Henry Thacker Burleigh and In the Bottoms by Robert Nathaniel Dett,” C. Thomas, chair; 11:30am, Rare Book Room, Music Library, VMB

Aaron Magnan-Park (Film Studies), “The Transnationality of the Hong Kong Action Cinema,” L. Rabinovitz, chair; 12:30pm, 331 EPB

Heqing Huang (Civil and Environmental Engineering), “3-D Modeling of Total Dissolved Gas Downstream of Spillway,” L. Weber, chair; 2pm, 4505 SC

Nov. 19

Chandran Achutan (Occupational and Environmental Health), “Evaluation of Solanesol as a Marker for Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Indoor Environments,” P. O’Shaughnessy, chair; 8:30am, 5236 WL

Sergio Espinosa (Music), “Silvestre Revueltas’s Film Music for Redes (1935) vis-à-vis the Hollywood Conventions of That Time,” W. Jones and T. Scruggs, cochairs; 9am, Rare Book Room, Music Library, VMB

Michael Raine (Film Studies), “Youth, Body, and Subjectivity: Japanese Cinema 1955-1960,” D. Andrew, chair; 10am, 331 EPB

Wen-Shu Lai (Education), “Looking for a Safe Harbor: Art Making as a Process of Constructing Meaning through Action, Reflection, and Interpretation,” S. Thunder-McGuire, chair; 10:15am, W34 AB

Christopher Gerteis (History), “Politics Too Far from Home: Japanese Women, Their Unions, and the Security Treaty Struggle, 1945-1960,” S. Vlastos, chair; noon, 273 SH

Lin Zhang (Physics), “Study of Carrier Dynamics in Size-controlled InGaAs/GaAs Self-assembled Quantum Dots,” T. Boggess, chair; 4:30pm, 208 VAN

Nov. 20

Arcea Zapata de Aston (Spanish), “Fuerza erótica y liberación: Pilares del nacimiento de un nuevo sujeto femenino en la poesía de Delmira Agustini, Juana de Ibarbourou y Alfonsina Storni,” A. Mendez, chair; 2:30pm, 529 PH

Nov. 21

Diane Young (Nursing), “Pain in Institutionalized Elders with Chronic Dementia,” M. Maas, chair; 9am, 133 NB

Nov. 26

Craig Just (Civil and Environmental Engineering), “Fate and Transport of RDX in Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea),” J. Schnoor, chair; noon, 4511 SC

Jason Otto (Biomedical Engineering), “Mobility and Contact Mechanics of Rotating Platform Total Knee Replacements,” T. Brown, chair; 5:30pm, 2175 WL

Nov. 27

Sheela Kolluri (Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health), “A Model for Longitudinal Poisson Count Data with Informative Dropout,” M. Jones, chair; 12:30pm, 2929 SB

Jessie Peissig (Psychology), “A Study of Object Representation in the Pigeon,” E. Wasserman, chair; 1:30pm, 101 SLP

Nov. 28

Carl Hitscherich, Jr. (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering), “Characterizing Intermicellar Interactions in Crystallization of OmpF Porin,” J. Wiencek, chair; 9am, 4505 SC

Lori Newman (Education), “Test Anxiety, Study Strategies, and Exam Performance in First Year Chiropractic Students: A Transactional Application,” T. Rocklin, chair; 10:30am, 350 LC

Catherine Schaff-Stump (Interdisciplinary Studies), “Japanese Students and Composition Teachers: The Negotiation of Classroom Assignments,” A. DiPardo and M. Everson, cochairs; 11am, 20 LC

Emmanuel Peters (Business Administration), “Developing Work Schedules for Bus Drivers in an Inter-city Transit System with Multiple Fleets,” W. Boe and R. de Matta, cochairs; 12:15pm, W401-1 PBB

Elena Perkhounkova (Education), “Modeling the Dimensions of Language Achievement,” H. Hoover, chair; 1:45pm, 340B LC

Nov. 29

Martha Lutz (Science Education), “Scientific Literacy: Role of Natural History Studies in Constructing Understanding of the Nature of Science,” R. Yager, chair; 10am, 467 VAN

Miguel Ruiz (Interdisciplinary Studies), "Combining Machine Learning and Hierarchical Structures for Text Categorization," P. Srinivasan, chair; 1pm, 3092 LIB

Stephen Holland (Education), “How Human Resource Managers and Supervisors Value the Change That Skills Assessment Testing Is Making in Hiring and Training Practices in the Workplace,” D. Bills, chair; 2pm, N434 LC

Nov. 30

Graham Quinn (Education), “The Albia Junior College—A Case Study,” S. McNabb, chair; 8am, N434 LC

Xin He (Computer Science), “Controlled Recovery in Self-stabilizing Systems,” S. Ghosh, chair; 10am, B13 MLH

Risto Rautiainen (Occupational and Environmental Health), “Agricultural Injuries in Finland: Cost, Length of Disability, and Preventive Effect of a No-claims Bonus,” C. Zwerling, chair; 10:30am, 123 IREH

Xiaoyi Yao (Biochemistry), “Molecular Determinants of Actin Structure and Polymerization,” P. Rubenstein, chair; 12:30pm, Aud. 2, BSB

Rihab Angawi (Chemistry), “Bioactive Natural Products from Mycoparasitic and Fungicolous Fungi,” J. Gloer, chair; 1pm, 314 CB

Shelley Lucas (Health, Leisure, and Sport Studies), “The Iowa Girls’ Basketball Rules’ Controversy: A Full-court Press on Iowa’s Half-court Game, c. 1972-1984,” C. Parratt, chair; 3pm, E101A FH

Mark Logue (Statistics), “Complications of an Unknown Genetic Model in the Presence of Heterogeneity for Linkage Analysis,” V. Vieland, chair; 3:30pm, 137 SH

Dec. 4

Mark Saarinen (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering), “Effects of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on Oxidative Stress and Recombinant Protein Production in Insect Cell Cultures,” D. Murhammer, chair; 10am, 3210 SC

Jennifer Joslin (Health, Leisure, and Sport Studies), “Putting It in Play: Girljock and the Politics of Outrageousness,” S. Birrell, chair; 1:30pm, E101A FH

Yong Kim (Business Administration), “Feature Selection in Supervised and Unsupervised Learning via Evolutionary Search,” N. Street, chair; 3:30pm, S326 PBB

Dec. 5

Yan He (Chemistry), “On-line Fluorescence Detection for Mechanistic Study of Capillary Electrophoresis and Capillary Electrochromatography,” L. Geng, chair; 9am, Gehry Conf. Room, IATL

Juan Casal (History), “The Military Aristocracy of the Rio de la Plata: Monarchy, Republic, and Military Institutions in Argentina and Uruguay, 1806-1865,” C. Hale, chair; 12:30pm, 273 SH

Dec. 6

Leonhard Blesius (Geoscience), “Leonardo: A Medium-scale Landslide Susceptibility Model Integrating Remotely Sensed Imagery and Geotechnical Slope Stability and Analysis in a GIS Environment,” F. Weirich, chair; 9:30am, 231 TH

Xiaoting Zhang (Molecular Biology), “Transcriptional Regulation of Pleiotropic Drug Resistance in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae,” W. Moye-Rowley, chair; 9:30am, 5-669 BSB

Artur Golczewski (Art History), “The Project of Evaluation of Values: From Foucault to Dada,” S. Foster, chair; 1:30pm, W34A AB

Sean Meehan (English), “Mirrors with a Memory: Nineteenth-century American Autobiography and the Photographic Imagination,” L. Folsom, chair; 1:30pm, 331 EPB

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