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September 6, 2002
Volume 40, No. 2


Engineering graduate: clarinet legend
Hospitals and Clinics leader believes in listening
Faculty, staff vital to success of University's fundraising campaign
Pediatric nurse practitioners include family in treatment

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Search forum scheduled
Provost Whitmore resigns
Campus, Community events to remember Sept. 11 tragedy
Criteria for faculty promotion and tenure
August Longevity Awards announced


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Ph.D. Thesis Defenses
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Applications due for tuition programs

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Ph.D. Thesis Defenses

Sept. 9

Suda Ishida (Mass Communications), “Glocalizing an Environmental Conflict: Thai Press and Pak Mun Dam,” K. Starck, chair; 10am, W411 SSH

Sept. 10

Peter T. Ellen (History), “Iron Pliers and Glass Wires: A Social History of Labor, Technology, and Telecommunications in Northern California, 1965-1990,” S. Stromquist, chair; 9am, 273 SH

Sept. 11

Lihong Zhao (Genetics), “Erf4p, a Subunit of the Yeast Ras-specific Palmitoyltransferase, is Required for Plasma Membrane Localization of Ras in Saccharomyces cerevisiae,” R. Deschenes, chair; 2pm, 1-561 BSB

Sept. 13

Linda Hardy (Education), “An Investigation of the Relation between Middle School Students’ Self Report of Being Victimized and Being a Victimizer at School,” K. Gerken, chair; 10:30am, N350 LC

Sept. 17

Joann Quinones-Perdomo (English), “A Splendid Little Postcolonial War: Colonial Theory and Popular Images of the Spanish-American War,” L. Adams, chair; 2pm, 331 EPB

Sept 23

Edward Caron (Education), “Backstage Pass: Teachers Respond to Indiana Standards-based Reform,” P. Hlebowitsh, chair; 11am, N262 LC


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