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October 1, 2004
Volume 42, No. 3


Spokesperson: UI employee speaks out, cycles for cancer cure
"It was 50 years ago today..." In the time of soda fourntains and polio, Iowa nabbed Willard Boyd
Campus employees try to balance politics, civility

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News Briefs
Promotion and tenure information available online
Committee solicits input regarding general counsel
Salaries indicated as a major factor in faculty resignations
ITS: Campus computer security still a big concern
Poet wins Capote award
UI Press to bring out two works of winning fiction

September Longevity Awards



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The University of Iowa

The University of Iowa

Ph.D. Defenses


Oct. 4

Jennifer Pustz (American Studies), “The Servant Problem: Historic House Museums and Social History,” J. Raeburn and J. Kinsey, cochairs; 1pm, 704 JB

Oct. 5

Saovaluck Jirathummakoon (Nursing), “Structures, Processes, and Outcomes of Nurse Pain Management,” M. Maas, chair; 11am, 437 NB

Oct. 6

Sukhon Likitlersuang (Pharmacy), “The Influence of Magnesium Stearate on Pharmaceutical Powder Consolidation,” D. Wurster, chair; 2:30pm, S218 PHAR

Oct. 8

Larissa Faulkner (Communication Studies), “ ‘Integration in Action’: Harry Belafonte, Black Authorship, and the Limits of Media Subversion (1955-1969),” J. Hayes, chair; 8:30am, 105 BCSB

Oct. 12

John Williams-Searle (History), “Broken Brothers and Soldiers of Capital: Disability, Manliness, and Safety on the Rails, 1863-1908,” S. Stromquist, chair; 8am, 273 SH

Bridgett Williams-Searle (History), “Resolving the Revolution: Intimate Empires, Property Relations, and the Law of the Early Republic,” M. Rohrbough, chair; 11am, 273 SH

Oct. 14

Ernani Magalhaes (Philosophy), “When Are Universals? The Relationship between Universals and Time,” R. Fumerton, chair; 3:30pm, 304 EPB

Oct. 18

Steven Baden (History), “Old Wine in New Skins: ‘Nestorianism’ and Nineteenth-century Anglican and Episcopal Concepts of Heresy,” J. Cox, chair; 11am, 273 SH

Sandford Jaques III (Microbiology), “Regulation of Swarming in V. parahaemolyticus,” L. McCarter, chair; 2:30pm,3-560 BSB

Oct. 22

Pamela Keyworth (Education), “The Effects of Social Stories on the Social Interaction of Students with Autism,” K. Gerken, chair; 9am, 350 LC

Hanna Lee (Music), “Naji Hakim’s Musical Language and Extra Musical Association as Represented in The Last Judgement,” D. Disselhorst, chair; 3pm, 2032 VMB


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