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Offices and Awards

Michael Barron, assistant provost for enrollment services and director of the Office of Admissions, was recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of 10 deans who are making a mark on the admissions profession.

Sandra Damico, dean of the College of Education, was named to the executive committee of the Council of Academic Deans from Research Education Institutions.

Noel Estrada-Hernandez, assistant professor of counseling, rehabilitation, and student development in the College of Education, received the 2007 American Rehabilitation Counseling Association Research Award.

Patricia J. Folsom, director of the Academic Advising Center, has been elected chair of the Advisor Training and Development Commission in the National Academic Advising Association. 

Andrew Ho, assistant professor of measurement and statistics in the College of Education, received the Mary Catherine Ellwein Outstanding Quantitative Dissertation Award from the American Educational Research Association, and the Brenda H. Loyd Outstanding Dissertation Award from the National Council on Measurement in Education.

David Jepsen, professor emeritus of counseling, rehabilitation, and student development in the College of Education, received the Fellows Award from the American Counseling Association.

Jodi Saunders, associate professor of counseling, rehabilitation, and student development in the College of Education, received the 2007 American Rehabilitation Counseling Association Research Award.

Vilia Tarvydas, professor of counseling, rehabilitation, and student development in the College of Education, was elected president of the American Association of State Counseling Boards.

Elizabeth Whitt, professor of counseling, rehabilitation, and student development in the College of Education, received the Contribution to Knowledge award from the American College Personnel Association (College Student Educators International) and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.


Publications and Creations

Tippie College of Business

Billett M, finance; King D; Mauer D: an article, “The effect of growth opportunities on the joint choice of leverage, maturity and covenants,” Journal of Finance 62(2), 2007.

Campbell A, management sciences; Bianchi L: an article, “Extension of the 2-p-opt and 1-shift algorithms to the heterogeneous probabilistic traveling salesman problem,” European Journal of Operational Research 176, 2007.

Campbell A, Lowe T, management sciences; Zhang L: an article, “The p-Hub center allocation problem,” European Journal of Operational Research 176, 2007.

Hauserman N, management and organizations; Clark LA: a report, “Sexual harassment and unwelcomed behavior at The University of Iowa: results of a campuswide survey” (available at
sexual_harass_survey/ Sexual%20Harassment%20Survey%20Final%20
), January 2007.

Houge T, finance; Wellman J: an article, “The use and abuse of mutual fund expenses,” Journal of Business Ethics 70(1), 2007.

Ingram B, economics; Blankenau B; Cassou S: an article, “Allocating government education expenditures across K-12 and college education,” Economic Theory 31, 2007.

Ledolter H, management sciences/statistics and actuarial science: an article, “Increase in mean square forecast error when omitting a needed covariate,” International Journal of Forecasting 23, 2007

Schmidt F, management and organizations; Le H, an article: “An empirical calibration of the effects of multiple sources of measurement error on reliability estimates for individual difference measures,” Real Data Analysis 19, 2007.

Schmidt F, management and organizations; Raju N: an article, “Updating meta-analysis research findings: Bayesian approaches versus the medical model,” Journal of Applied Psychology 92, 2007.

Thomas B, Ohlmann JW, management sciences: an article, “A compressed annealing approach to the traveling salesman problem with time windows,” INFORMS Journal on Computing 19, 2007.

Weller P, finance; Savin NE, economics; Zvingelis J: an article, “The predictive power of ‘head-and-shoulders’ price patterns in the U.S. stock market,” Journal of Financial Econometrics 5, 2007.

Zhang E, economics: an article, “Stochastic optimal growth with a non-compact state space,” Journal of Mathematical Economics 43(2), 2007.


College of Dentistry

Bishara SE, orthodontics; Ajlouni R; Soliman MM; Oonsombat C; Laffoon JE, Dows Institute; Warren J, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “Evaluation of a new nano-filled restorative material for bonding orthodontic brackets,” World Journal of Orthodontics 8(1), Spring 2007.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

For a list of recently published books and compact discs, go to

Friestad GK, chemistry; Jiang T; Mathies AK: an article, “Aldehyde-selective Wacker oxidation in a thiyl-mediated vinyl group transfer route to daunosamine,” Organic Letters 9(5), March 1, 2007.

Maalouf MA; Wiemer AJ; Kuder CH; Hohl RJ; Wiemer DF, chemistry: an article, “Synthesis of fluorescently tagged isoprenoid bisphosphonates that inhibit protein geranylgeranylation,” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 15(5), March 1, 2007.


College of Public Health

Ardery G, pharmacy; Carter BL, clinical hospital pharmacy; Milchak JL; Bergus GR, family medicine; Dawson JD, biostatistics; James PA, family medicine; Franciscus C; Kim Y: an article, “Explicit and implicit evaluation of physician adherence to hypertension guidelines,” Journal of Clinical Hypertension 9(2), February 2007.

Bradley CS, obstetrics/gynecology; Zimmerman MB, biostatistics; Qi Y; Nygaard IE: an article, “Natural history of pelvic organ prolapse in postmenopausal women,” Obstetrics and Gynecology 109(4), April 2007.

Donham KJ, occupational and environmental health; Wing S; Osterberg D, occupational and environmental health; Flora JL; Hodne C; Thu KM; Thorne PS, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Community health and socioeconomic issues surrounding concentrated animal feeding operations,” Environmental Health Perspectives 115(2), February 2007.

Dornfeld K, oncology; Simmons JR; Karnell L, Karnell M, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery; Funk G, otolaryngology; Yao M, oncology; Wacha J, radiation oncology; Zimmerman B, biostatistics; Buatti JM, radiation oncology: an article, “Radiation doses to structures within and adjacent to the larynx are correlated with long-term diet- and speech-related quality of life,” International Journal Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, April 6, 2007.

Gilchrist MJ; Greko C; Wallinga DB; Beran GW; Riley DG, Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination; Thorne PS, occupational and environmental health: an article, “The potential role of concentrated animal feeding operations in infectious disease epidemics and antibiotic resistance,” Environmental Health Perspectives 115(2), February 2007.

Hayreh SS, vascular; Jonas JB; Zimmerman MB, biostatistics: an article, “Nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and tobacco smoking,” Ophthalmology 114(4), April 2007.

Hayreh SS, vascular; Zimmerman MB, biostatistics: an article, “Incipient nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy,” Ophthalmology, March 26, 2007.

Hodgson DC; Gilbert ES; Dores GM; Schonfeld SJ; Lynch CF, epidemiology; Storm H; Hall P; Langmark F; Pukkala E; Andersson M; Kaijser M; Joensuu H; Fossa SD; Travis LB: an article, “Long-term solid cancer risk among 5-year survivors of Hodgkin's lymphoma,” Journal of Clinical Oncology, March 19, 2007.

James PA, family medicine; Li P, Ward MM, health management and policy: an article, “Myocardial infarction mortality in rural and urban hospitals: rethinking measures of quality of care,” Annals of Family Medicine 5(2), March-April 2007.

Khanna G, radiology-pediatrics diagnostic; O'Dorisio MS, pediatrics; Menda Y, radiology-nuclear medicine; Glasier C; Deyoung B; Smith BJ, biostatistics; Graham M, Juweid M, radiology-nuclear medicine: an article, “Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy in surveillance of pediatric brain malignancies,” Pediatric Blood & Cancer, March 26, 2007.

Rayn MA; Smith TC; Smith B; Amoroso P; Boyko EJ; Gray GC, epidemiology; Gackstetter GD; Riddle JR; Wells TS; Gumbs G; Corbeil TE; Hooper TI: an article, “Millennium cohort: enrollment begins a 21-year contribution to understanding the impact of military service,” Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 60(2), February 2007.

Robinson JG, Schrott H, epidemiology: an article,Statin pleiotropy: a popular concept but clinical significance unclear,” Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy, April 7, 2007.

Samra SK; Giordani B; Caveney AF; Clarke WR, biostatistics; Scott PA; Anderson S; Thompson BG, Todd MM, anesthesia: an article, “Recovery of cognitive function after surgery for aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhage,” Stroke, April 12, 2007.

Smith BJ, biostatistics; Zhang L; Field WR, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Iowa radon leukemia study: a hierarchical population risk model for spatially correlated exposure measured with error,” Statistics in Medicine, March 20, 2007.

Thorne PS, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Environmental health impacts of concentrated animal feeding operations: anticipating hazards—searching for solutions,” Environmental Health Perspectives 115(2), February 2007.

Yang JZ, community and behavioral health; Peek-Asa C, occupational and environmental health; Allareddy V, health management and policy; Phillips G, pediatrics; Zhang Y, biostatistics Cheng G, biostatistics: an article, “Patient and hospital characteristics associated with length of stay and hospital charges for pediatric sports-related injury hospitalizations in the United States, 2000-2003,” Pediatrics 119(4), April 2007.

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