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University staff and faculty are accomplishing great things every day. See
who’s making news with awards, publications, promotion and tenure, and more.

Offices and Awards

Steve Aquilino, professor of Prosthodontics in the College of Dentistry, received the 2009 George H. Moulton Award from the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics.

Christopher Atchison, associate dean for public health practice in the College of Public Health and director of the University Hygienic Laboratory, has been reappointed to a three-year term on the State of Iowa Prevention of Disabilities Policy Council.

William Heitbrink, associate professor of occupational and environmental health in the College of Public Health, was named a fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

John Lundell, deputy director of the Injury Prevention Research Center, was recently honored with the President's Award from the State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors Association.


Lectures and Presentations

Trishul Alla Reddy, clinical assistant professor of oral pathology, radiology, and medicine in the College of Dentistry, presented “Cone Beam CT in Dentistry” at North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City.

Kim Brogden, professor of periodontics in the College of Dentistry, presented “Targeted Activity of Antimicrobial Peptide-Carrier Conjugates in Artificial Microbial Communities” at the spring meeting of the Society for General Microbiology in Harrogate, England.

Adriana Méndez Rodenas, professor of Spanish and international studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and International Programs, will present a Fulbright lecture, “At Home in America: Fredrika Bremer’s Sketches of Plantation Society 1850–51,” April 27 at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Publications and Creations

College of Dentistry

Ettinger RL, prosthodontics: an article, “Jane Margaret Chalmers: a remembrance (1965-2008),” Spec Care Dentist 29(2), March–April 2009.

Johnsen DC, dentistry administration; Finkelstein MW, oral radiology, pathology, and medicine; Marshall TA, preventive and community dentistry; Chalkley YM, dentistry administration: an article, “A model for critical thinking measurement of dental student performance,” Journal of Dental Education 73(2), February 2009.

Slayton R, pediatric dentistry; Berg J: a book, Early Childhood Oral Health, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

For a list of recently published books and compact discs, go to

Stecopoulos H, English: a book, Reconstructing the World: Southern Fictions and U.S. Imperialisms, 1898–1976, Cornell University Press, 2009.


College of Public Health

Dahdaleh NS, neurosurgery; Nakamura S; Torner JC, epidemiology; Lim TH, biomedical engineering; Hitchon PW, neurosurgery: an article, “Biomechanical rigidity of cadaveric cervical spine with posterior versus combined posterior and anterior instrumentation,” Journal of Neurosurgical Spine 10(2), February 2009.

Damiano PC, preventive and community dentistry; Momany ET, Carter KD, Public Policy Center; Jones MP, biostatistics; Askelson NM, community and behavioral health: an article, “Time to first dental visit after initially enrolling in Medicaid and S-SCHIP,” Medicine 46(12), December 2008.

Gray GC, epidemiology; Kayali G: an article, “Facing pandemic influenza threats: The importance of including poultry and swine workers in preparedness plans,” Poultry Science 88(4), April 2009. 

Jacobson G,
radiation oncology; Lammli J; Zamba G, Hua L, biostatistics; Goodheart MJ, oncology: an article, “Thromboembolic events in patients with cervical carcinoma: Incidence and effect on survival,” Gynecologic Oncology, Feb. 27, 2009.

Martinez A, Norström K, civil-environ engineer; Wang K, biostatistics; Hornbuckle KC, civil-environ engineer: an article, “Polychlorinated biphenyls in the surficial sediment of Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal, Lake Michigan,” Environment International March 4, 2009.

Prybil L, Levey S
, health management and policy; Peterson R; Heinrich D; Brezinski P; Zamba, G, biostatistics; Amendola A, health management and policy; Price J; Roach W: a report, “Governance in Nonprofit Community Health Systems,” Chicago: Grant Thornton, 2009.

Prybil L, health management and policy; Murray W; Cotter T; Bryant E: a chapter, “Transforming CEO Evaluation in a Multiunit Healthcare Organization,” Practice of Evidence-Based Management, Chicago: Health Administration Press, 2009.

Takikita M; Altekruse S; Lynch CF, epidemiology; Goodman MT; Hernandez BY; Green M; Cozen W; Cockburn M; Sibug Saber M; Topor M; Zeruto C; Abedi-Ardekani B; Reichman ME; Hewitt SM: an article, “Associations between selected biomarkers and prognosis in a population-based pancreatic cancer tissue microarray,” Cancer Research, March 10, 2009.

Telu S; Parkin S; Robertson LW, Lehmler HJ, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Improved syntheses of non-dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and some of their sulfur-containing metabolites,” Environment International, March 2, 2009.

Wakefield BJ, nursing; Holman JE, gen med cline epi & geriatrics; Ray A; Scherubel M; Burns TL, epidemiology; Kienzle MG, cardiology; Rosenthal GE, internal medicine: an article, “Outcomes of a home telehealth intervention for patients with heart failure,” Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 15(1), 2009.

Wang K, biostatistics: an article, “Testing for genetic association in the presence of population stratification in genome-wide association studies,” Genetic Epidemiology, Feb. 20, 2009.

Wehby GL, health management and policy; Castilla EE, Lopez-Camelo JS, Murray JC, neonatology: an article, “Predictors of multivitamin use during pregnancy in Brazil,” International Journal of Public Health, March 24, 2009.

Wehby GL, health management and policy; Murray JC, neonatology; Castilla EE; Lopez-Camelo JS; Ohsfeldt RL: an article, “Prenatal care effectiveness and utilization in Brazil,” Health Policy Plan, March 12, 2009.

Yang J, community and behavioral health; Peek-Asa C, occupational and environmental health; Cheng G, biostatistics; Heiden E; Falb S; Ramirez M, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Incidence and characteristics of school bus crashes and injuries,” Accident Analysis Prevention 41(2), March 2009.

Longevity Awards

Staff Council’s service recognition program acknowledges all P&S and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

Award winners for March are listed below.

25 Years

  • Shari Hook, environmental and guest services
  • Monica Kistler, ambulatory care services
  • Debbie Magruder, radiology
  • Shelle Peak, patient financial services
  • Richard Robbins, general stores receiving
  • Jolene Seering, health information management
  • Helen Stegall, nursing administration
  • Patty Sterner, volunteer services
  • Jacelyn Swinton, nursing services
  • ThaiBinh TonThat, drug information service
  • Larry Trahan, material services

30 Years

  • Kay Harland, residence hall custodial services
  • Deborah Jarrard, College of Medicine administration
  • William Kurth, physics and astronomy
  • Ted Thorn, intercollegiate athletics

35 Years

  • Barbara Young, rehabilitation therapies

50 Years

  • Carson Potter, food and nutrition services
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