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Offices and Awards

Jane Chalmers, associate professor of preventive and community dentistry in the College of Dentistry, was named the Student Research Group Mentor of the Year by the Iowa chapter of the American Association for Dental Research.

Jordan Cohen, UI interim vice president for research, received the Robert G. Gibbs Distinguished Pharmacist Award from the Iowa Pharmacy Association.

Jay Currie, clinical professor in the College of Pharmacy, was named chair of the board for the Iowa Pharmacy Association.

Andrew Ho, assistant professor in the College of Education, received the 2008 Thomas A. Urban Research Award from the Iowa Academy of Education.

Lee Kirsch, associate professor of pharmaceutics in the College of Pharmacy, has been named editor-in-chief of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists journal PharmSciTech.

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry honored Arthur Nowak, professor emeritus of pediatric dentistry in the College of Dentistry, by creating the Arthur J. Nowak Award of Excellence.

Wayne Richenbacher, professor of cardiothoracic surgery in the Carver College of Medicine, began a one-year term as president of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs.

Axel Ruprecht, professor of oral pathology, radiology, and medicine, will serve on an expert panel for Schick Technologies.

Richard Shields, professor and director of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program in the Carver College of Medicine, received the Marian Williams Research Award from the American Physical Therapy Association.

John Westefeld, professor in College of Education, has been elected president of the Society of Counseling Psychology.


Publications and Creations

College of Dentistry

Asselin ME, pediatric dentistry; Fortin D; Sitbon Y, operative dentistry; Rompré PH: an article, “Marginal microleakage of a sealant applied to permanent enamel: evaluation of three application protocols,” Pediatric Dentistry 30(1), 2008.

Bouschlicher M, operative dentistry; Berning K; Qian F, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “Describing adequacy of cure with maximum hardness ratios and non-linear regression,” Operative Dentistry 33(3), May–June 2008.

Campanelli CA; Walton RE, Williamson AE, Drake DR, endodontics; Qian F, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “Vital signs of the emergency patient with pulpal necrosis and localized acute apical abscess,” Journal of Endodontics 34(3), March 2008.

Chalmers JM, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “Minimal intervention dentistry: a new focus for dental hygiene,” Dentistry Today 27(4), April 2008.

Diaz-Arnold AM, Vargas MA, Shaull KL, family dentistry; Laffoon JE, Dows Institute for Dental Research; Qian F, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “Flexural and fatigue strengths of denture base resin,” Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 100(1), July 2008.

Fakhry A, periodontics: an article, “Dental education in the digital age,” DPREurope, May 2008.

Kuntz TR; Staley RN, orthodontics; Bigelow HF; Kremenak CR, orthodontics; Kohout FJ, periodontics; Jakobsen JR: an article, “Arch widths in adults with Class I crowded and Class III malocclusions compared with normal occlusions,” Angle Orthodontist 78, 2008.

McQuistan MR, Kuthy RA, preventive and community dentistry; Heller KE; Qian F, preventive and community dentistry; Riniker KJ: an article, “Dentists’ comfort in treating underserved populations after participating in community-based clinical experiences as a student,” Journal of Dental Education 72(4), April 2008.

Stanford CM, prosthodontics; Guckes A; Fete M; Srun S; Richter MK: an article, “Perceptions of outcomes of implant therapy in patients with ectodermal dysplasia,” International Journal of Prosthodontics 21(3), May–June 2008.

Weistroffer PL, periodontics; Joly S, Srikantha R, Dows Institute for Dental Research; Tack BF; Brogden KA, periodontics; Guthmiller JM: an article, “SMAP29 congeners demonstrate activity against oral bacteria and reduced toxicity against oral keratinocytes,” Oral Microbiology and Immunology 23(2), April 2008.


College of Engineering

Mutel CF, Daly DL, IIHR–Hydroscience and Engineering; Ettema R: an article, “Hunter Rouse's historical writings and the history of hydraulics collection,” ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 134(6), June 2008.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

For a list of recently published books and compact discs, go to

Kokzelov BV; Demekhov AG; Titova EE; Trakhtengerts VY; Santolik O, physics and astronomy; Macusova E; Gurnett DA, Pickett JS, physics and astronomy: an article, “Variations in the chorus source location deduced from fluctuations of the ambient magnetic field: comparison of cluster data and the backward-wave oscillator model,” Journal of Geophysical Research 113, June 18, 2008.

Kurth WS, Averkamp TF, Gurnett DA, Groene JB, physics and astronomy; Lecacheux A: an article, “An update to a Saturn longitude system based on kilometric radio emissions,” Journal of Geophysical Research 113, May 2008.  

Menietti JD, Santolik O, physics and astronomy; Rymer AM; Hospodarsky GB, Persoon AM, Gurnett DA, physics and astronomy; Coates AJ, Young DT: an article, “Analysis of plasma waves observed within local plasma injections seen in Saturn's magnetosphere,” Journal of Geophysical Research 113, May 2008.

Santolik O, physics and astronomy; Macusova E; Titova EE; Kokzelov BV; Gurnett DA, Pickett JS, physics and astronomy; Trakhtengerts VY; Demekhov AG: an article, “Frequencies of wave packets of whistler-mode chorus inside its source region: a case study,” Annales Geophysicae 26, June 11, 2008.


Longevity Awards

Staff Council’s service recognition program acknowledges all P&S and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

Award winners for June are listed below.

25 Years

  • Peggy Ballinger, nursing
  • Martha Blondin, nursing administration
  • Mary Carter, nursing
  • Debra Courtney, pediatrics—endocrinology
  • Joyce Craig, telecom and network service
  • Richard Cross, material services
  • Becky Davis, otolaryngology
  • Mary Eno, urology
  • Jean Fisher, nursing
  • Kim Fordice, orthodontics
  • Christine Grier, education administration
  • Bertha Harms, nursing
  • Mary Heath, student services
  • James Jetter, purchasing
  • Patrick McDonald, central mail system
  • Kathleen Mulcahy, health information management
  • Jennifer Olson, Facilities Management
  • Michael T. Parker, pathology
  • Jolene Pickett, physics and astronomy
  • Sonia Schubert, clinical research center
  • Craig Sowder, nursing
  • Lynn Staats, nursing
  • Deborah Strike, otolaryngology
  • Mitchell Swinton, Facilities Management
  • Dick Timm, Burge food service
  • Mary Yoder, nursing

30 Years

  • Linda Bissell, College of Medicine administration
  • Steven Borders, systems and platform administration
  • Elizabeth Bulgarelli, opthalmology
  • Susan Dean, nursing administration
  • Mark Feldick, pharmaceutical service
  • Bill Ganschow, Joint Office for Compliance
  • Julie Gingerich, Joint Office for Clinical Outreach Services
  • Philip Harney, Facilities Management
  • Jayne Keiser, purchasing
  • Linda Lococo, collections and outreach
  • Ronald Mavrias, nursing
  • Elaine Michel, Family Care Center
  • Bruce Moyer, cardiothoracic surgery
  • William Robison, physics and astronomy
  • Karen Shaffer, neurology
  • Debra Starr, nursing administration
  • Mary Strang, nursing
  • Tina Swartzendruber, pathology
  • Robert Temple, anesthesia
  • Susan Troyer, law administration

35 Years

  • Edward Crowley, rehabilitation therapies
  • Connie Hinz, ophthalmology
  • Barbara Kindred, nursing
  • Linda Liedtke, social services
  • Janet Polite, intercollegiate athletics
  • Nancy Schaapveld, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Ruth Slezak, nursing
  • Karen Smith, epidemiology
  • Mark Warner, student financial aid

40 Years

  • Robert Kutcher, Facilities Management
  • Diane Thomas, intercollegiate athletics


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