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UI external support is a record $386.2 million for 2007–08

University of Iowa faculty, together with staff and students, generated a record $386.2 million in grants and contracts for UI research, education, and service during fiscal year 2008, a 2.2 percent increase from 2007.

The total for fiscal 2008, the 12-month period ending June 30, 2008, marked the 22nd consecutive year in which the University has attracted more than $100 million in external support. Since 1967, when overall records were first kept, the University has attracted $6.3 billion in total external support.

According to the most recent National Science Foundation survey (2006), The University of Iowa is ranked 18th among public universities in terms of federally financed expenditures for research and development. In the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 2005 report, The University of Iowa ranks 13th in NIH awards among all public universities.

Read the full University News Services release at


UI employees can donate vacation time to flood victims who need time off to recover

The University of Iowa has created an opportunity for eligible employees to donate vacation hours to UI employees whose primary residences were damaged by flooding and who need time off to recover. By virtue of agreement with AFSCME and SEIU, employees represented by those entities are also eligible for participation.

Following are the terms of eligibility:

  • Victims: Flood victims whose primary residences were damaged by flooding who have exhausted their own vacation accruals and are planning to use additional time off for flood repair and recovery. Application is available through the HR Self-Service web site. Requests to receive donations of vacation may not exceed 40 hours per month, up to 120 hours (prorated for part-time employees) in total.
  • Donors: Regular University employees who accrue vacation and have more than 80 hours of accrued time. Donors may not draw down their own vacation balance below 80 hours as a result of a donation. The call for donations will begin Friday, Aug. 1, 2008. Donations are not made to a specific individual.

The call for requests for time for the previous month will be offered to employees during a two-week window during the following month. This will be followed by a call to employees for donations during a window not longer than two weeks. If donations meet the need before the end of the two weeks, the opportunity to donate will end for that month. 

Following the close of the application period, donated hours will be distributed to all eligible victims who apply. If requests exceed donations, donations will be made on a prorated basis based on the percentage of need matched by donations.

The vacation time received by the flood victim must be scheduled with the recipient's employer, subject to the scheduling approval of the employing unit. The vacation donation is paid and taxable as regular salary.

This program is available for this purpose only. The donation, application and distribution process will be repeated on a monthly basis to address need for time through Dec. 31, 2008.

Contact your HR unit rep, identified on the Self-Service web site, with any questions.


Library materials due dates revised

To best support users’ needs and to accommodate difficulties they had returning materials while the Main Library was evacuated (June 13 through July 9), UI Libraries has adjusted the following due dates.

  • Faculty loans that have not been recalled are now due June 1, 2009.
  • Short-term loans that were due between June 12 and July 9 are now due Friday, Aug. 1, 2008.
  • Items that were recalled and were due between June 12 and July 9 are now due Friday, Aug. 1, 2008.

UI Libraries has begun processing recalls and sending notices that were received while the Main Library was closed.

Questions about due dates? Click “Check My Account” ( on the Libraries’ web site. You may also contact Main Library Circulation staff at or 319-335-5912.


WRAC opens for business in regular location post-flood
The University of Iowa Women's Resource and Action Center, located at 130 North Madison Street in Iowa City, reopened the week of July 21 after having to move its staff and services to various satellite locations in the community June 13 due to the flooding.
Although the WRAC regular location was closed, staff members continued to provide services from these various satellite locations and worked out of their homes for the past month.
Activities such as support and discussion groups, which normally met in the WRAC building, were held in other spaces such as Hillel and the Iowa City Public Library, and staff continued to respond to requests for various types of assistance by members of the public, as well as plan and prepare for the fall semester.
For more information on upcoming events or ongoing services offered by WRAC,
visit or call 319-335-1486.


Communication Skills for Professionals course open to UI faculty, staff

The Department of Linguistics, English as a Second Language Programs (ESL) would like to remind UI faculty and staff that the ESL class IIE Communication Skills for Professionals (103:002) will be offered again in the fall 2008 semester.

This course is designed to improve the listening and speaking skills of international professionals (visiting scholars, post-docs, researchers, etc.). The class will give participants the opportunity not only to attain greater conversational fluency, but also to practice language needed for professional interactions such as discussions and presentations. 

For more information, contact ESL Programs, 1112 University Capitol Centre, 319-335-5630, or visit


Deadline Aug. 1 for UI students, faculty, staff to participate in Chicago parade
University of Iowa students, alumni, faculty, and staff are invited to show their Hawkeye pride and commitment to diversity at 10 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 9, in Chicago’s 79th annual Bud Billiken Parade. There is no admission charge for either the parade or the gathering, but attendees must preregister by Friday, Aug. 1, at

“As a university, we are very proud of a long-standing history of inclusion and diversity as a core value,” says Erin Bloomquist, director of diversity and educational partnerships in the UI Chicago Center. “Traditionally, it has been the Historically Black Colleges and Universities participating in the parade. We thought it would be a positive forum for Iowa to celebrate our diverse community in the Chicago area.”
The parade, which has been held on the second Saturday in August since 1929, draws more than 74,000 participants, 1.2 million spectators along the parade route, and 25 million viewers during its national telecast on WGN/WB. It is the second largest parade in the United States and features celebrities, politicians, businessmen, civic organizations, and youth.

Bud Billiken was a fictious person created by author Willard Motley, who once wrote a column for the Chicago Defender. For more details on the parade, visit or visit the UI Chicago Center site at


Volunteers sought for home stays, UI international student welcome center

Increasing international student enrollment at The University of Iowa—combined with less housing due to the flooding—has created a need for community volunteers who can provide short-term home stays for these newly arriving students, as well as volunteer at a Welcome Center in early August.

The program, which begins Friday, Aug. 8, will provide a place for new students to stay until they can move into permanent housing. On-campus residences will be available on Aug. 18. Home stays are also being offered for new students who are searching for off-campus housing.

Community members who would like to volunteer to host a student may apply at or contact Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) advisor Tim Barker at or 319-335-0335.

In addition to temporary home stays, OISS will once again host a Welcome Center in the International Programs Commons at 1117 University Capitol Centre to help ease the transition for the more than 500 new international students who are expected to arrive on the UI campus this fall. The center will operate on the weekends of Aug. 2–3, 9–10, and 16–17, as well as evenings on Aug. 4–8 and 11. OISS is looking for volunteers from both the campus and community to help during two-hour shifts. To volunteer, contact Barker at or 319-335-0335.


Resources available for UI faculty, staff members impacted by flood

An emergency relief fund is available to help faculty, staff, and students recover from the floods.

Staff and faculty interested in applying for financial assistance from the UI Flood Relief Fund are encouraged to visit the UI Flood Assistance Request Page A Hawk ID and password are required to enter the site. Faculty and staff requesting financial support from the flood fund will be asked to schedule a confidential appointment to meet with an eligibility coordinator. Appointments can be scheduled by visiting the UI Flood Assistance Request Page or by calling 3UI-FUND (384-3863).

Additionally, a UI Flood Exchange web site,, has been created where members of the UI community can post messages seeking or offering assistance to one another.

For more flood-related resources, news, and information, visit the UI Flood Recovery Web site


See what Learning and Development courses are right for you

UI Learning and Development, a unit of Organizational Effectiveness, provides professional development services to faculty and staff. There are many learning opportunities that will support your professional development and growth. Look for classroom instruction on leadership issues for managers, frontline supervisors, human resource professionals, and office professionals.

Check out the following links:

  • To see the latest online newsletter, with listings of current courses and seminars, visit
  • For registration information, log in at the UI Human Resources Self Service site at and click the “My Training” link to register for any available session. This tool will let you see the status and location of a class, get e-mail confirmations, withdraw from a class, check your course registration history, and even do online evaluations. Courses with a fee (Special Events, 7 Habits, Reframing Your Work) will use the printable registration form.
  • To visit Learning and Development's home page, go to



Law professor offers changes to improve World Bank accountability

A University of Iowa international development expert is proposing a new method of holding the World Bank accountable when its development projects damage communities in developing countries.

The proposal, by law professor Enrique Carrasco, would create a mediation and arbitration process that replaces the current Inspection Panel, which has come under considerable criticism since its inception.

Carrasco said that people harmed by a project financed and advised by the World Bank should, under certain circumstances, be able to bring an arbitration claim against the bank for damages if the bank did not follow its own policies and procedures.

Holding the World Bank accountable has been an ongoing issue for the giant multilateral development bank. Formed after World War II, the World Bank helps developing countries build their economies by providing financing and advice to, among other things, help them construct the kinds of public infrastructure they couldn't afford to build on their own. Over the years the bank has helped countries build massive projects like dams, highways, and power plants.

The bank has often been criticized, though, for financing projects that harmed people or communities in the country where the project was being built. This damage was often the result of the bank violating its own policies and procedures, but Carrasco said the people who suffered had no way to hold the bank accountable.

Read the full University News Services release at



Kates is named new CEO of UI Hospitals and Clinics

Kenneth P. Kates has been named the new associate vice president and chief executive officer of University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, pending approval by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Kates is a consultant with Alvarez and Marsal in Chicago, Ill. He has more than 30 years of experience in academic health care, including numerous positions at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa., and the University of Chicago Hospitals and Health System, most recently as their executive vice president and chief operating officer.

Kates will begin working at UI Hospitals and Clinics on Sept. 15.

Read the full University News Services release at



  • Helen Nalley, 98, retired food worker, June 9 in Solon, Iowa. (obit)
  • Charles Johnston, 75, retired laborer, June 10 in Iowa City. (obit)
  • Scott Hemsted, 45, central service technician, June 12 in Lone Tree, Iowa. (obit)
  • Mina Barnes, 72, retired nursing assistant, June 14 in Iowa City.
  • Dee Norton, 85, professor emeritus, June 16 in Iowa City. (obit)
  • Verona Rodman, 84, retired library assistant IV, June 18 in Iowa City. (obit)
  • Eleanor Carlton, 83, retired clerk typist II, June 24 in Iowa City. (obit)
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