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fyi Microscopic image of human cells
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Nature's minuscule masterpieces, courtesy of Central Microscopy

Established in 1973, the Central Microscopy Research Facility is part of the Office of the University of Iowa Vice President for Research. The facility provides instrumentation and technical assistance to research programs involving the use of scanning and transmission electron microscopy, light microscopy and confocal microscopy, freeze fracture, and x-ray microanalysis. The CMRF serves both the experienced and novice investigator, and provides training for those in need.

Click on the images to see a larger image and for more information.

1--Chris Adams muscle

2--human airway cult#20002

3--Ecoli live dead s#20003

4--human airway cult#20004

5--human airway cult#20005

6--human airway cilia 0006

7-time lapse of fluo#20007

8- Ad BBS4  PCM D 3d#20008

9-Pseudomonas biofilm

Images courtesy of Tom Moninger, CMRF.
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