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General Education Fund Task Force
Your Suggestions

The Taskforce is interested in your suggestions about its work.

We are required by our charge

  • to recommend programs for reduction or elimination of General Education Fund support,

  • to recommend other steps to reduce costs or enhance revenues in connection with the operation of university programs,

  • to offer suggestions on achieving cost savings by reducing academic program duplication, and

  • to identify critical areas in which selective reinvestment might be possible.

If you have ideas about how the University can reduce its costs or expenditures, please email the Committee: gef-taskforce-input@uiowa.edu

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can send your suggestions via campus or U.S. mail to:

Professor Jonathan Carlson
454 Boyd Law Building
University of Iowa College of Law
Iowa City, IA 52242-1113

Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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