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The Gene Transfer Vector Core's (GTVC) overall objective is to support investigators in the use of gene transfer technologies. The Vector Core facility utilizes molecular biology techniques to engineer and develop viral vectors based on multiple vector systems necessary for gene transfer in research experiments or pre-clinical studies. Vector core staff and investigators work together allowing for cross fertilization of ideas, technical advancements, and innovations in vector design.


The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine GTVC brings together investigators interested in developing and using, viral and non-viral vectors for gene transfer with specialists in the area of vector construction by:

  • Consultation with the Principal Investigator to plan and develop transfer vectors to fit individual projects requirements
  • Assist investigators with troubleshooting existing projects
  • Design and development of novel vectors
  • Develop novel methods of virus production such as the RapAd™ System for adenovirus production
  • Generation of RNAi expression vectors
  • Construction, amplification, purification, concentration, and quality control on preparations of recombinant adenovirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV), moloney murine retrovirus, lentivirus, recombinant vaccinia virus, and baculovirus
  • Maintain and distribute recombinant reporter viruses

The Gene Transfer Vector Core services and products are provided at cost for investigators affiliated with educational institutions. A detailed description of services and prices are available upon request.

Contact Information

Email: vectors@uiowa.edu

Patrick L. Sinn, PhD, Director (patrick-sinn@uiowa.edu)

The Gene Transfer Vector Core (GTVC) is located in the Eckstein Medical Research Building (EMRB). (Location map: http://www.uiowa.edu/~maps)

Gene Transfer Vector Core
University of Iowa
500 Newton Road
221 Eckstein Medical Research Building
Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel: (319) 335-6726
Fax: (319) 335-6895