Running Ghemical-2.10 on OS X

Pre-Compiled Package Installation

WARNING: This install requries that the Apple X11 package be installed! (it can be found on the developer tools disc)

Installation Instructions

1. Download the appropriate Ghemical Package Archive (zip) (downloading should automatically mount the image).
2. Extract the zip file.
3. Run the Ghemical-2.10 meta-package.
4. Follow the standard Mac OSX Installation process.

Once you have installed the files you will have the Ghemical and GTK-Gamess apps in your Applications folder. These are scripts that allow you to put Ghemical and GTK-Gamess in your OSX Dock. Included in the scripts is a mechanism to pass files to these apps. Dropping a file on the apps will activate X11 and load a new instance of Ghemical-GMS with the specified file. In the case of GTK-Gamess, any files dropped on the app will cause these files to be added to the GAMESS queue.

Ghemical OSX Downloads

  1. Ghemical OSX Package for 10.4 intel:
    (md5 = 52f0f63f164d5244c0e59762898ff8f9)
  2. Ghemical OSX Package for 10.4 powerpc:
    (md5 = 3b7d723289073e44253c0f37ce9138cb)
  3. Ghemical OSX Package for 10.3 (*** 2.10 is only available for 10.4 ***:
    (md5 = 8dcac6f2cf6c47c02797e52c8dd6a662)

Known Issues

Previous Users: the previous install used to install to the /usr/ghemical directory. You can remove the old install by deleting /usr/ghemical; 'sudo rm -r /usr/ghemical'. *** Be careful when running rm -r that you correctly specify /usr/ghemical ***

The original 10.4 ghemical release had a bug in it related to the OSX package creation tool. It has been resolved in the -r1 release. If you have any issues that crop up please try reinstalling the developer tools and/or contact Donald Curtis (donald-curtis at

On OSX 10.3 ghemical does not completely exit due to a error in the 10.3 pthread implementation. There is no known solution at this time. These threads don't effect performance but they may pile up so be aware that you should periodically execute 'killall ghemical' when not running any instances of ghemical.

Installing Ghemical using Fink

Coming Soon!