DMAP IV - Software for implementing spatial filter methods

DMAP IV (Disease Mapping and Analysis Program, Version 4) is a computer program that enables a user to apply spatial filter methods to any study region. The program was written and is maintained by Qiang Cai, PhD (2007), Department of Geography, the University of Iowa.
DMAP IV is a stand-alone program with a GUI interface running on Microsoft Windows operation system (XP, Vista). The software is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.
The program takes geocoded disease and population data as input and computes disease rate measures at grid points on a predefined spatial grid. More generally, it takes any defined numerator variable and denominator variable for individuals or for small areas and computes the ratio of the two for either circular areas of fixed diameters or spatially adaptive filters. See Rushton and Lolonis (1996), and Talbot et al. (2000) in the reference section of the DMAP IV User Manual.

Examples of disease maps produced by this program can be seen at:

Download Links:
ReadMe file
DMAP IV User Manual
Executable program and sample datasets

The development of DMAP IV and related materials has been primarily supported by
The National Cancer Institute (NIH R01 CA95961-01) G. Rushton principal investigator with co-investigators, Michele West, Barry Greene, Jane Pendergast, Betsy Chrischilles, Marc Armstrong, Claire Pavlik, and David Bennett.

The contents of DMAP IV are the responsibility of the developer and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the funder. The software offered here comes AS IS. No warranties, expressed or implied, are given. It is offered in good faith and any consequential damage due to its use is the sole responsibility of the user. Every file and program has been tested. Please send comments to:

The DMAP IV program was recently modified to address problem with large point files reported by some users. 2011.02.15

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